Case Studies

How We Gave This Carpet Company A Digital Transformation



In today’s competitive world, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business. This carpet company that was struggling to establish their brand online approached us to help revamp their website, run Google ads and build an e-commerce landing page.


In this case study blog post, we will discuss how we helped them to achieve their business goals and establish a strong online presence.


Step 1: The problems

The first step was to identify the problem areas that were hindering their growth. We found that their internal marketing team was not doing a sufficiently good job in advertising their brand.


  • Their existing corporate website was outdated
  • Their e-commerce website was not user-friendly.
  • Their previous ad campaigns were not generating the desired results.

Step 2: The Plans

After analyzing their business problems, we created a plan to:

  1. Revamp their website
  2. Run Google ads campaign
  3. Build an e-commerce landing page 

Our priority was to build awareness around their brand and subsequently pull in conversion on sales. To achieve this, we improved the usability of the website and created a better interface.

We also redesigned the website by introducing a more cheerful and lively feeling, which would create a calming environment for the visitors. Additionally, we chose the right keywords and built backlinks to improve their Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

Step 3: The Implementation

We implemented the plan starting from August and saw a significant rise in their revenue.
Their average revenue in August was RM65,000, which was a significant contrast to their previous revenue of RM30,000 during June and July. The revenue did not stop but continued to rise to RM105,000 in September and RM120,000 in October.

The Google Ads campaign was also able to drive substantial traffic to their website, with RM30,000 of ROAS for an investment of just RM15,000.



The Result and Conclusion

Overall, they achieved an overhaul in website and image revamp, which gave customers a better experience, from finding carpets online to visiting their store and making a purchase. From running Google ads to building an e-commerce landing page, it all contributed to establishing a strong online presence.

The results of this case study show that investing in a strong online presence can significantly improve a business’s revenue and growth. With just RM20,000 budget spent, they were able to achieve an average revenue of RM120,000.

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