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Our Secret Sauce: Strong SEO Funnel

Secret Sauce: SEO Funnel

We all know that success is not built in a day, but a strong SEO eventually can achieve success regardless of what your industry is. 


What Makes Us Say That?

You may have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Digital Marketing but maybe not the funnel of it. That’s because we had developed it with the inspiration of the AIDA model concept, to dive deeper into our client’s customers’ decision making behavior with these 4 stages. This is what made us that successful with our SEO clients over the years. 


Awareness: Being aware of your business 

Interest: Interested in your products or services 

Desire: Recognizes your offer resolve their issues

Action: Making the purchase


SEO Funnel


Awareness Stage 

Think of it as your viewers are window-shopping in a shopping mall and you have a retail store in it, your content needs to be relevant to your targeted shoppers in order to capture their attention and awareness of your business. 

Awareness Stage

Consequently, in this stage, the main objective will be to boost our client’s keywords to the first page as it could increase impressions, meaning more viewers to gain awareness of your business. 

With that mindset, we identify keywords which have high demand through the volume of searches so that our content which will address these keywords may soon attract awareness from viewers. 


Interest Stage 

Going back to the shopping mall scenario, viewers at this stage will enter your retail store as they are intrigued by what they saw and view your products or services. 

Interest Stage

At this stage, it is crucial for the objective to have an increased number of website clicks and keywords CTR (Click Through Rate), as the increase of both of these measurements symbolize that viewers are indeed attracted to your website.

Hence, we will optimize the content in our clients’ website through catering to the company’s details such as their unique selling points (USP) or directing the content to be as a solution towards resolving their problems. 


Desire Stage 

After the shoppers are looking at your products such as clothing, they will then have the desire to purchase before asking for the availability of the size for that particular clothing.

Desire Stage

Therefore, this stage will commence when prospects submit enquiry forms or Whatsapp messages to our client’s business as they may have their questions about the products or services offered by the company. 

To shorten this phase quickly, content such as common FAQs raised by previous customers should be included in the website so viewers can gain more information about the products or services and to have trust and confidence to purchase it. 


Action Stage 

After testing out the clothing, shoppers will then want to purchase it at the cashier counter.

Action Stage

Consequently, this is the best part among all stages when sales conversion and purchase are made as clients have trust in the products or services.


The Best Part Is That…

This funnel will always be available for 24/7 in our clients’ business, just like 7 Eleven to get all of the leads easily at anywhere and anytime. Just imagine all your viewers are one click away from potentially purchasing your products.


worker in the cashier counter smiling


Just take a look at one of our SEO clients, PopoMama Confinement Food who wished to improve their website conversion rate and boost their Google Search ranking managed to achieve 93% of their keywords to be ranked in the first page! 

If you’re looking to be the next SEO champion, look no further and engage us.