Get Leads 24/7 With Your Website

Most Hardworking Salesperson: Your Website

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a better way to get leads without much hassle?”

Of course you do at times, when there are not enough leads to achieve your KPI. But what if you can resolve all that issues by developing lead-generation focused website.

What is lead-generation focused website: A type of website that can influence viewers’ purchasing behavior through relevant and engaging information in hopes for viewers to be converted into leads.

Why it’s important: Unless you are developing your website for fun, websites are used mainly to generate leads in hopes for easier sales conversions.

  • Therefore, you do not need to chase the leads when the leads will come to you instead if your website had been crafted as a lead-generation focused website.

How to achieve it: Well, it’s not rocket science since every business is different from each other but through experimenting trial-and-error. Here are the 4 compulsory tips to be addressed in building a lead-generation focused website.

Marketing value of the website

Your website needs to address the following within the users’ first 5 seconds looking at your website, which are:

  • Who are you
  • Why choose you
  • What is your target market

If you just glanced through the picture above, it can be easily identified that this website manage to fill in the 3 criteria.

Who are you: Group of mechanical and engineering companies provide services for all infrastructure, construction and development needs.

Why choose them: They are specialized in building innovation with the tagline “Building A New World”

What is your target market: Top corporate who had issues in regards to complex infrastructure, construction and development needs.

Up-to-date design

Just like a physical store, you will prefer to enter a good-looking cafe than a boring-looking cafe right?

Impression is everything especially with your website design. Therefore, aspects such as content tidiness and readability are priorities for audience to remain engaged with your content and hopefully submit their enquiries at the end.

Good web maintenance

Google is considerate of its viewers, especially their safety while browsing the Internet. Therefore, Google will not recommend any users to enter your website if it detects lack of security from the website.

Mobile Friendliness

80% of Internet users nowadays are on mobile, your website should be developed to their user experience as well.


In the end, leads can be obtained from any source but to get the most out of it?

  • Only a lead generation focused website can achieve that.

Utilize these tips to double organic leads from your website.

No time to implement these tips? Engage with us as our team of experts will get to the bottom of it and set the lead-generated website you desire.