UI vs UX Design

ui vs. ux design

As UI and UX becomes more and more crucial for business owners, especially those that rely heavily on ecommerce, it is important to learn and differentiate between these two terms. Although often used interchangeably, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are very different elements that are used to improve your customer’s experience and user journey during their consideration and purchase stages. Most web development agencies in Malaysia offer UX and UI design services to improve your website performance.


User interface (UI) are the specific elements that your users will interact with. A good example of what UI encompasses is the visual design like the colors you use or the typography. It can also include the design elements that are used for the functionality aspect of your website, leading users to have a comfortable and intuitive experience. For example, your CTA buttons are usually placed at the bottom of the page, when users have already browsed through what is being offered and know what they are signing up for. The color of the button, how it looks, and the shape are all part of UI design.


User experience (UX) however focuses more on the interaction that users will have with your products and services. In more simplistic terms, UX is the touchpoints your customers will have with the product you are selling. Let’s take an ecommerce website for example, the add to cart function, stock count, size or color variant availability, the payment page, and the thank you page are all part of the user journey that involves UX design. A good UX design will easily lead customers to what they are looking for without any trouble. Your website should be easy to navigate and user friendly because customer’s often abandon their shopping carts if it gets too troublesome. After all, there are plenty of other options out there.


So which is more important for your business? The answer is both! Having a good UI and UX design not only helps to retain your customers because of good user experience but it also helps with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts! When customers are spending more time on your website and interacting with various elements thus reducing your bounce rate, search engines take these statistics into consideration and are more likely to show your website to other similar customers too!


Start optimizing your website’s UX and UI design to improve your customer’s experience today! LOCUS-T has years of experience in building websites with design and functionality in mind to meet your every requirement. Contact us for more information on our web design and development services.