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The first step to overcome an obstacle is to recognize the obstacle.

Board on our MDEC 100 Go Digital webinar train now as we will unfold obstacles faced by your business which you may or may not be aware of in each of our webinar stations. More specifically, we will address all obstacles faced by your respective industries.

We have 4 main modules and each of them is designed uniquely for specific industries. Each of them introduces top digital marketing solutions for your obstacles and excel to greater heights.

Topic & Industries That Will Be Focused On

B2B Manufacturing & Trading industry

Difficult to build trust and find new ways to generate sales? In this webinar station, you will learn why sales closing as an end goal is the past and building a sustainable sales funnel is the future.

Stop Focusing on Sales Closing, Start Shaping a Sustainable B2B Sales Funnel

  • Characteristic of the B2B industry
  • AIDA Model: Consumer Buying Journey
  • Criteria of an Effective Website
  • Pull Marketing: SEO & Google Search

B2B Services industry

Suffering from a long purchasing cycle or lack of getting new clients? In this webinar station, you will learn why cold calling is the past for lead generation and digital marketing is the future for it.

Stop Cold Calling, Start Getting Hot Leads in a Smarter Way on Your Service Solutions

  • How Digital Affects the B2B Purchase Journey
  • Website: Your Online Office & Store
  • How to Generate Genuine Traffic on Google
  • How to Convert Traffic into Quality Sales Leads

B2B Technology industry

Tired of getting low sales closing rate and low quality leads all time? In this webinar station, you will learn that traditional business thinking is inefficient in the modern era of digitalization.

Stop Investing Time on Disappointing Results, Start Skyrocketing Performance for Your Tech Business

  • Tech Market Overview 2022
  • Pain Points of Tech Industries From Marketing Perspective
  • Big Picture of Digital Marketing Funnel
  • An Important “Supersales” You May Have Overlooked

B2C Services industry

Too many important tasks but too little time to resolve it all? In this webinar station, you will learn that getting sales manually is in the past, and automation is in the future for your business.

Stop Generating Sales Opportunity Manually, Start Getting Quality Leads Easily With Automation

  • Why Sales Prospecting Is Important
  • Scale Up Your Business & Get Full Appointments
  • How To Automate Your Sales Prospecting Process
  • The Key To Success For B2C Service Industry

Meet Your Speakers


Client Relationship Management and Marketing Strategy and Planning Senior Manager

  • 9 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry
  • Served more than 200 clients from variety of industries such as property development, education, business software, business solution and consumer service
  • Two-time Google South East Asia Club Pinnacle Malaysia Representative (Achieved USD80K Media Spending in two quarters)
  • Holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing from Victoria University


Business Development Manager

  • 23 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry
  • Proud achievement in LOCUS-T in redesigning the sales funnel and processes during MCO
  • Specialize in sales management, Digital Marketing planning and strategies which covers SEO, Web development, Google and Facebook Ads
  • One of the judges for 2020 Sarawak Startup Entrepreneur Competition & Resource speaker of Vistage Malaysia
  • Certified with Google Fundamental, Search and Display
  • Holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from University of Lincolnshire & Humberside


Sales Assistant Manager

  • 6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry
  • Joined Google Ignite Program
  • Certified with Google Fundamental, Search, Display, Mobile & Digital Sales, and Meta Certified Media Planning Professional
  • Holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


Sales Team Lead

  • 4 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry
  • Certified with Google Fundamental for Search, Display, Google Analytics, Advanced Google Analytics
  • Holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from University of Queensland, Australia

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MDEC 100 Go Digital

MDEC 100 Go Digital is an initiative for local businesses to shift to digitalization. We are chosen by MDEC as one of the Technology Solutions Partner (TSP) to assist SMEs through digitization efforts. In 2022, we have successfully assisted 80 SMEs in digitalizing their business. Rest easy and apply with us as we ensure your MDEC grant applications will be a success.

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