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Shopline vs. WooCommerce


You might have seen WooCommerce’s ads all over social media, but is it the best for building your e-commerce brand and sales?

We’ve helped clients to establish their e-commerce business with SHOPLINE, an Omni Channel E-commerce Platform.


5 Differences between Shopline and WooComerce

Here’s a brief comparison we’ve made to showcase their pros and cons: 


✔️ Suitable for E-Commerce oriented website

✔️ Built-in social commerce such as FB Live Commerce, FB Post Sales Automation

✔️ Ready local online payment method within 5 working days

✔️ Built-in marketplace sync to Shopee & Lazada

✔️ Do not require any update from the user



✔️ Suitable for a mixture of Informational & E-Commerce oriented website

✔️ Required 3rd party plugin for FB Live Commerce, FB Post Sales Automation

✔️ Required to use 3rd party payment gateway

✔️ Required to subscribe to 3rd party platform for marketplace sync

✔️ Required to update PHP, WordPress & Plugin versions from time to time

shopline vs woocommerce

If you would like to create a 6-figure generating e-commerce marketplace for your business, choose Shopline and choose us.