How to Spy Your Online Competitors on Google

google spy competitors

Ever wonder how to analyze your online competitors on Google?

Similar to what we addressed about analyzing your online competitors in Facebook, you can compare with competitors’ campaign performance of other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that you are in through Auction Insights.

Consequently, this information can help you to strategize in terms of bidding and budgeting through showing you the successes and also pinpoint the missed opportunities for improved performance in your business.

The auction insights report for search campaigns provides 4 different statistics:

  1. impression share
  2. overlap rate
  3. position above rate
  4. top of page rate

google auction insights2google auction insights3

You can generate a report for one or more keywords, ad groups, or campaigns (as long as they meet a minimum threshold of activity for the time period selected), and segment results by time or device.

P.S. Similarly, you can also view all your competitor’s ads on Facebook!

If you think this is too confusing to analyze, why understand when you have a bunch of experts at LOCUS-T to serve you now!