#NewFeature on Google Keyword Planner

Presenting you a new feature on Google Keyword Planner!

The latest updates in Google Keyword Planner are “Three-month percentage change” and Three-month trend type”. Using this helps to examine how good your keywords are. However, what is the difference between both?

As you can see from the visual below, the “Three-month percentage change” tells us about the percent change in monthly search volume over the last three months.

👉🏻 If it shows a negative (-) value, it means that the keyword is losing popularity.

👉🏻 If it shows a positive (+) value, which means the keyword is gaining popularity.

👉🏻  0% means that there are no changes in the volume of keywords in Google Search.

👉🏻 +∞ means that there is a positive growth in the volume of keywords.

On the other hand, the “Three-month trend type” tells about the stability of the keywords, whether is it rising, declining or stable over the last three months.

👉🏻 You can easily know the search of the keywords has increased, decreased, or stable over the last three months.

Have you discovered this feature before we announce it?

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