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Google Premier Partner in Malaysia

What is Google Premier Partner and why is it important to engage a digital marketing agency with a Google Premier Partner credentials? The simple and straightforward answer is to get your money’s worth. For a business owner, any investment made is always with the aim to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI), so, if you are going to invest a reasonable amount of money to advertise your business via Google’s many platforms, i.e. Google Ads, YouTube, Google Display Network and Shopping Ads, you would surely want someone capable and qualified to manage your campaigns.

Proudly Wearing
Google Premier Partner

For a digital marketing agency to earn the Google Premier Partner badge, many criteria have to be fulfilled and maintained to convince Google that we deserve the recognition. LOCUS-T has been proudly wearing the distinguished Google Premier Partner badge for some time, and we strive to keep this badge and our credentials as one of the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia for many years to come.

Advantages of Engaging
Google Premier Partner
like LOCUS-T

To be recognized as a Google Premier Partner, a digital marketing agency must be well-versed with Google Ads through and through. The 3 (three) main criteria to win this dynamic accreditation include:

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Proven Performance

For us to maintain our Premier Google Partner position, it is a must to meet Google’s set performance requirement and consistently deliver positive ad revenue and growth for our clients. Simply put, we have to make sure that our clients’ ad accounts are performing well and their targeted Return on Investment are met. The agency also has to maintain the minimum ad spend requirement within a specified period to show Google that we have been actively managing campaigns for our clients. This directly increases our experience and expertise in managing Ad Campaigns.

Certified and Well-trained Digital Marketing Experts

Our digital market experts are required to obtain certification in Google Ads for us to become a Premier Partner, so you can rest assured that your account is managed by proficient account managers who have learned the ins and outs of Google’s advertising platforms and its best practices.

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Upper Hand on Google’s Latest Updates

Premier Google Partners are usually among the earliest batch to test their beta programs, therefore, we have the upper hand in knowing the latest updates and changes in any of its advertising platforms. It is almost impossible to keep up with the dynamic and ever-evolving Google Ads, but, with the Premier Partner credential, Google gives us a heads up before any changes are rolled-out. The best part is, we have direct contact with Google representatives that gives us the advantage of clearing any doubts or queries related to accounts we handle almost immediately.

Our Passion and Commitment

At LOCUS-T, we believe that the Premier Google Partner badge we wear comes with a huge responsibility – the responsibility to ensure that our clients account are well-managed and their advertising objectives are met. Our passion and commitment are our strength.

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