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What Is Google Business Profile and Why I Need It?

What Is Google Business Profile And Why I Need It?

Have you ever heard of Google Business Profile (GBP)? Well, you may never did because it is a new name for Google My Business!

What Is GBP?

GBP refers to a tool for businesses to manage online presence in Google. It manages information of your business when it is searched in Google.
Every business does not need GBP to create their own business listing with basic information about the business. For instance, business name, location or the products offered in the business.
Therefore, viewers can see your information from two sources, Google Maps & Google Search.
A Business Listing
Our Business Listing in Google Maps.


A Business Profile
Our  Business Listing In Google Search

Why Do I Need GBP? 

But your customers can also leave information about your business. They can upload photos or post reviews in your business listing. Thus, this is where GBP comes in to manage the information displayed on the business.
Because customers can leave any information regardless if it is true or false. Hence, you may risk losing your customers if there are negative but fake reviews about your reviews.
Customer Reviews
Fake customer reviews


What If Your Business Does Not Have GBP?

1. No control over changes

False information on your business which couldn’t be changed.


2. Can’t interact with customers

Lose customers’ trust and confidence towards your business.


3. Competitors can steal your business

If there is no information on your business.



Want to set up the GBP for your business but not sure how? Engage with us now to kickstart your GBP now!