The New Age of Marketing

new digital marketing

Businesses used to spend a huge amount of money to market their brand, products and services through the traditional channels, namely newspaper, television, radio and brochures & pamphlets. These traditional marketing methods involve broadcasting a campaign or promotion to the masses with little or no interaction with the consumers. Not only is traditional marketing costly, but it is also not measurable, making it difficult for businesses to measure their campaign’s success. The new age of marketing via digital means resolves the weaknesses of traditional marketing. Especially in trying times like now, here are some reasons why going digital is not only important but necessary for businesses:


Digital marketing is cost-efficient

The ability to target a specific market segment makes digital marketing much cheaper than mass marketing. The cost of producing print materials is very high, not including the cost to distribute them. And if there are slight changes in the campaign mechanism or details, a new batch of materials have to be re-printed, unlike digital marketing materials that can be amended without worrying about the cost. 


Digital marketing allows two-way communication

Advertisers can directly communicate with their target audience if their campaigns run on a social media platform such as Facebook Ads. The audience can ask questions and expect an answer right away. This interactivity allows immediate action from your prospects or clients, be it a visit to your website or even immediate purchases.


Digital marketing is measurable

You can analyse the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign in real-time using Google Analytics or the insights provided by the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. With these insights, you can make quick decisions on improving your campaign if the performance is not up to your expectations. 

There are many more reasons why digital marketing is the way forward for businesses. While the traditional method of marketing is still relevant, it is time for businesses to look into going digital and have more control over the money spent on marketing. 

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