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SEO+WEB Case Study: How To Increase 31.69% High Quality Leads Within The First 6 Months!

How Roofseal Gain 31.69% Increase of High Quality Leads In 6 Months!
It all started with Roofseal Malaysia, one of the Malaysia’s leading metal roof suppliers was in need of:
  • Building a lead generated website
  • Building an online presence
We immediately act on to achieve these two objectives for our client.
a roofing shop
Roofseal physical store located in Bandar Teknologi Kajang, Semenyih.


Building a lead generated website

Our Design and Development team revamped the website to be more user-friendly. They focused on the following criteria to build the website:
  • Good user experience across all devices.
  • Good website structure and design.
  • Insert an enquiry cart in the website.
By the numbers: As you can see the diagram above, besides receiving high volume of website traffic. The traffic is high in quality as well within the first 6 months!
What defines high quality traffic: 
  • Viewers staying in the website more than expected.
  • Viewers going through many pages in the website.
  • Viewers submitting enquiry forms.
To have high quality traffic is to have good quality of leads and what’s come after that? High sales conversion rate of course!

Building an online presence

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team identified and optimized keywords which can trigger B2B clients and B2C consumers to view the website.
Statistics don’t lie:
  • Up to 50% and 45% increase of organic users and new users entering the website.
  • It compares the 1 year of SEO and 1 year without SEO!

In the end, we managed to not achieve both of our client’s objectives for the website, we were able to get sales for our client. Just hear what she had to say about the digital transformation journey of Roofseal!

Client Testimonial

What we did well: The success mainly comes from not just our internal team’s coordination but our communication with Roofseal client as well. And of course, each of our team’s expertise in executing their part.

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