Keyword Selection For Dummies


If your aim is to drive targeted traffic to your website, then you must ensure to use the best strategy to uncover the top keywords for any of your SEO campaigns.

Whether you are a new business owner or simply just threading into Search Engine Optimization territory, you must address this question of what is the most suitable strategy for your website to boost search engine traffic. When you are focused on the correct keywords, then it will put you on the right path to a successful search optimisation. 

Do you know the power long-tail search holds? When the right approach is used, it will generate huge traffic to your website from long-tail keyword searches, in return bringing in the targeted visitors who are interested in what your business has to offer. This is a method most established SEO agencies in Malaysia are applying to their accounts. 

Now that we have established the key strategy to driving organic traffic to your website, we should discuss the best way for new businesses to search and target the best keywords.

An esteemed SEO agency like LOCUS-T, we do have a checklist we use as a guidance before we tackle any form of optimisation. For the keywords, among the few things we do include creating a list of long-tail keywords to target which are used when creating blog posts and other on-page content. We also ensure to fully understand about our client’s competition and their targeted keywords. And of course, knowing your client’s target audience is a bonus.

With all that mind, there are a few keyword research tools that you can use to search for the most suitable and reliable keywords, be it long-tail or short, that will eventually help you boost your rankings on Google and other search engines for the desired and deserving success.

Keyword tools are necessary for SEO as it is not only easy to use but usually always accurate and full of features. And that is what Google Keyword Planner offers. This indispensable keyword research tool will help you avoid feelings of frustration and uncertainty.

Another comparable keyword research tool to Google Keyword Planner is Keyword Tool which is free, easy application and outstanding results. The main difference is you wouldn’t need to rely on the search engine giant for results. The Keyword Tool has a lot of interesting features and one of them is the ability to search for keywords from a range of sources including Google, Amazon, YouTube and more. Be sure to run a few searches on Keyword Tool beforehand to see whether it can be the most efficient tool for you.

Comprehending the importance of creating high quality and long-form content is only half of the battle. Targeting the right keywords and integrating long-tail keyword phrases into your content plan will broaden your reach to your target audience and your position with search engines increasing overtime. And with the help of keyword research tools, sooner or later, you will know the best keywords that would reach all of your traffic and SEO-related goals.

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