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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia 2022?

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Are you ready to go digital?

Every business big or small operates on one simple objective – to generate revenue. Some may generate more and some a little less. However, the magic of marketing enables businesses to boost their revenue through various means. Whether it is by increasing brand exposure or simply making yours look better than others, the possibilities are endless.

Well, that would have been enough in the past. Fast forward to 2020, technology has become so accessible to the masses. Smartphones and gadgets are more affordable than ever. As lifestyles evolve to become more digital, it is time for businesses to get digitalized as well.

Long gone are the days where people rely on flyers and TV advertisement segments to learn about new products. Today, simply type a few enquiries in your web browser and you can find thousands of relevant results. Information is now available at the tip of your fingers, literally.

What this means for your business is that you need to take the quantum leap. While the list of different digital marketing strategies goes on and on, getting the help of professional agencies can be a good idea.

The problem is that there are plenty of agencies out there to choose from. If you do not know how, let us help you with this guide.


What are your goals and objectives?

Before you even start to choose an agency, the first thing that you need to do is to know what is it that you want from this entire digital marketing campaign. Setting goals and objectives will be able to help you find the right agency that is able to help you achieve them. When we talk about goals, we do not mean stuff like “I want to get more sales” or “I want to be more famous”.

This is because those statements are the ideal end goals of marketing itself. Instead, you should set smaller objectives that are more measurable and realistic.

For example, instead of “I want to be more famous”, you should set “I want to improve the number of impressions and clicks on my website”. Instead of “I want more sales and revenue”, a better objective could be “I want to improve conversions and reduce bounce rates”.

The clearer your objectives are, the easier it is for you to communicate them with prospective agencies. Making sure that the agency’s goals are aligned with yours is going to make achieving it that much easier.


Engaging with an Agency VS In-house

Many business owners tend to ask this question. Should I engage with a professional digital marketing agency or just hire an in-house team?

Managing a digital marketing campaign takes time and expertise. Hiring and assembling your own team is good if you plan to be involved in every single step. If you are the type that likes to micro-manage every aspect of your campaign, then an in-house team can be good for you.

Hiring and training your team can cost both time and money. And that is all on top of knowing how to hire the right people in the first place. On the other hand, hiring a digital marketing company makes sure that you get a full team of ready-to-go specialists on your project. These are experienced people that can deliver results.

Engaging with an agency also means that you delegate all your digital marketing campaign work to them. Business owners can focus more on other aspects of running the business such as getting deals and finding investors rather than worrying about their online presence.


How to choose the right agency?

Let’s get this straight – if someone promises you 100% guaranteed number one rankings in SEO, it’s either one of two things. A. They are lying or B. They are overpromising, which technically means that they are lying too. Instead of looking for guarantees, learn how to choose SEO company that is the best for your business.

Compared to other professional industries, digital marketing has a relatively low entry requirement. This also means that anyone can call themselves an “expert” just by reading a few tutorials online. One of the first things to do is to simply do a background check. Take a look at their portfolios will give you a good idea of their performance. Talk to them personally to get a better idea of how they operate and manage their projects.

Contrary to what people believe, price tags ARE a good measurement of quality. Just like buying any other product, you cannot expect to get flagship quality by paying entry prices. When they charge low prices, their low profit margin means that they do not have the incentive to go the extra mile for you.

By simply asking how much agencies charge for their services, you can filter out the low-quality ones. Which brings us to the next point.


Asking the right questions

You are trusting the agency with your company’s digital growth. This is why the questions you ask need to be precise. Some of the questions that you should ask are:
• Who will be in charge of my project?
• What are the metrics that you are using to measure project performance?
• What kind of service level can we expect from you?
• Do you have any case studies or past projects that reflect such results?
• How long do your clients stay with you on average?

Plenty of agencies out there tend to sugarcoat and use marketing phrases to attract your attention. It is important that you are asking the right questions that give you an idea of the agency’s quality and if they are qualified enough to do so.


What are the services available?

Digital marketing agencies help you grow your company through many different digital strategies. Services offered by agencies tend to differ and vary but here are some of the more common ones.

Most agencies offer professional SEO services. Short for search engine optimization, SEO helps to rank your website higher in search results. This is important because you are capturing more than 70% of internet users simply by ranking on the first page.

Google Ads
Google Ads are all about finding the right balance between choosing and bidding for keywords. Running Ads allow you to immediately capture the attention of users when they enter a search query. With Google being the biggest player around, leveraging on Google Ads can help to bring in prospects and potential leads.

Facebook Advertising
The biggest social media platform around, advertising on Facebook is a no-brainer. Their targeting features are perfect for building healthy ROIs, especially when combined with a MASSIVE user base.

Web Design and Development
Okay, this seems a little different but having the right website can do wonders for your campaign. For example, an SEO-friendly website is going to make implementing campaign strategies easier. Other than that, a well-done site should also provide a good user-experience sitewide.


So what does this mean for you?

If you are not confident about handling and managing your own digital marketing campaign, you should definitely engage with a professional agency. They are the ones that have the resources and expertise to handle all your campaign needs.

However, knowing how to choose the right agency is also very important. Having the right agency at the helm can help to generate more revenue for your business. You can also focus on what you are good at, which is running your business.

LOCUS-T has been in the digital marketing industry for more than 20 years now. If you need help on your digital marketing campaign, talk to us today!