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Digital Marketing Audit Checklist for all Businesses

audit checklist

You’ve heard of Financial audits but Digital Marketing Resource Audit? 🤔 What’s that, is it edible? 

You most probably can’t consume it directly but it plays an important aspect to determine whether you can only afford plain, white bread or OMAKASE for the month 🤣. If you want success in your online campaigns, then a digital marketing audit is a #NECESSITY. 

A digital marketing resource audit is essential for any company that wants to be successful online. It can help you identify gaps that may hinder your campaigns’ success. Once the data has been analyzed, it will indicate areas where improvements are needed and provide recommendations on how to proceed with those changes.

Just because you’ve successfully launched an ad campaign, it doesn’t mean your job is done! From time to time, you need to carry out a digital marketing audit to assess the current performance of your digital channels. Therefore, it can determine which campaigns are the best-performing ones. Hence, you can redirect your upcoming marketing efforts on the appropriate marketing campaigns through this solid evidence and to proceed analyzing what’s working and what’s not.

Do you got all the boxes ticked in the Digital Marketing Checklist Audit. 

✔️Human Resource Capability

✔️External Agencies or Consultants


✔️Tools and Platforms

✔️Brand and Online Reputation




✔️Conversion Rate


✔️Cost per Acquisition (CPA)


✔️Return on Investment (ROI)

audit checklist 1 audit checklist 2

Don’t have the time, patience, and desire to tick this audit by yourself? Consult us now and we will do the rest!