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Cybersecurity In Malaysia: How To Protect Your Data In 2022

How To Protect Your Data in 2022

Reports had shown that the biggest concern in Malaysia is our poor handling towards cybersecurity. The root cause of the issue?

Poor data hygiene management.

By the numbers: It’s not surprise to mention that over 70% SME websites in Malaysia are not data-hygiene. Now that’s a really alarming statistic when more hackers are on the rise to target these websites when they have the chance to do so.

Cybersecurity in Malaysia (Poor Data Hygiene In Malaysia)

However, recent cybercrime cases have shown that nobody is safe in the digital world. Take a look at the most famous and latest example of cyber crime cases in Malaysia this year.

MySejahtera and Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) data leaked (12th June 2022)

Cybersecurity in Malaysia (JPN & MySejahtera Data Leaked)

 An unidentified hacker has access to 22.5 million Malaysians personal data from MySejahtera and JPN when it offered services of leaking personal data such as name and carrier information through a phone number in exchange for USD1.50 (RM 6.63).

Business mindset: It even offered its service of removing your account information from the database completely with a whopping USD 10,000 (RM44,185).

Fortunately, the website was later taken down on 13th June 2022 but to no avail that the real culprit behind the website till today remained unknown.

Our Prime Minister’s official Telegram account hacked (8th August 2022)

Cybersecurity in Malaysia (Prime Minister Telegram Account Hacked)

Even the highest status individual in Malaysia could not avoid the severity of cybercrime when an unauthorized hacker infiltrated Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s Telegram account.

Fortunately, the officials managed to resolve the incident but the real culprit behind the incident still remained unknown.

ipay88 security system breached (11th August 2022)

Cybersecurity in Malaysia (ipay88 data was breached)

Even largest online payment platform caught in hot water when unauthorized hackers infiltrated ipay88 database in Malaysia, causing anxiety to ipay88 users.

While government and the e-commerce platform were investigating the matter, the culprits behind this incident still remained unknown.


Do You See The Pattern Here?

While these incidents were later resolved or investigation of the incident is ongoing, the cybersecurity in Malaysia looked in a bad shape till the point that all these devious hackers were not identified at all. Moreover, Malaysia is top 10 least cyber-secure countries in the South East Asia region.

Of course, we could not just accept our fate on hackers leaking our personal data or hacking our website. We need to be vigilant and take the matters to ourselves. Here are the steps in getting started to protect your personal and website data.


Personal Data

  1. Create and change strong passwords regularly


Strong passwords indicates the good combination of:

  • lower and upper-case letters
  • numbers
  • symbols

2. Check the URL of the website


Check the URL whether it begins with

  • “https:”
  • The presence of lock symbol beside the URL link

3. Enable two factor authentication 

two factor authentication

Two factor authentication represents the process of the users providing two evidences before being granted access to the account (one of the evidences will require your mobile smartphone to view it).

You can download the app Google Authenticator to get it started now.



Website maintenance is a must 

Have a website and want to secure it?  Web maintenance is the strongest and safest approach towards solidifying your website by:

  • Frequent maintenance to reduce the risk of hacks.
  • Updated plugins and features to reduce functional bugs and improve better user experience.
  • Weekly database backup to safeguard your data.

And if your website was developed in WordPress but did not have WordPress maintenance. We offer a range of WordPress maintenance packages with the focus on:

  1. website security necessities
  2. website performance reports
  3. fresh design banners for content enhancement

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