Converting Consumers to Customers using the AIDA Model

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Marketing and advertising a business has evolved rapidly, not only in Malaysia but throughout the world, especially since the internet era changed how consumers shop. With information just clicks away, consumers are able to compare between brands within minutes. This means that businesses have to constantly compete and look for new ways to attract customers. 

Digital marketing is no more a choice for businesses. It has become a necessity in this digitally-driven world. And advertising your business digitally is also a whole new ball game. Running Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are common digital marketing strategies nowadays. You can’t expect to just put up your advertisement and wait for conversions. The power is in the consumer’s hands now, therefore, you will have to strike a chord with them before they consider purchasing your products or services.

It is not as scary as it sounds especially if you base your digital marketing strategies on marketing tools such as the AIDA Model. Used by marketers for over 100 years, this well-researched model is still very much relevant and effective today. The AIDA Model explains the four stages consumers go through before deciding to purchase a product or service. Let’s delve deeper…


AIDA is an abbreviation for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. As the name suggests, the first stage in the model which is Awareness is all about attracting the attention of potential customers by creating awareness about your brand. At this stage, you have to thoroughly research your customer’s buyer persona and understand their pain points. With the information, you can draw out the first stage of your digital marketing strategy focusing on your target audience’s problems and passions. Here, you will incite curiosity which will lead to your audience discovering your brand and your offerings. 


Now that you have their attention, you have to hold their Interest and give them a reason to stay engaged. At this stage, you will have to create content that will speak of your customer’s problems and how it is affecting their lives. Be personal and let them feel heard.


Next is the Desire stage where you introduce your products or services and tell your customers how you can solve their problems. Explain the features and benefits and illustrate clearly how you can fulfil your customer’s needs and make their lives better.


Once you have put out all your convincing pitch, it is time to close the sales – get your customers to take Action. This is where your call-to-action comes in. Create a sense of urgency by offering discounts or deals. Make things easy for your customers, be contactable, show them exactly how and where they can purchase your product or engage your services. Have buttons that they can click on and don’t let them search for your contact details. Make it easy and fast for your customers to take action.  

The AIDA Model helps you nurture consumers into becoming your loyal customers. It makes them feel that you are listening to them and their needs and you have the ability to provide a complete, fulfilling experience. It can be a long process, but once your consumers have gone through the funnel you built, most likely they will be staying with your brand for a very long time. 

At LOCUS-T, we have been a digital marketing agency in Malaysia for over 20 years now. our strategies are based on realising our clients’ needs based on the AIDA model. If you want to know more about how our digital marketing solutions can help you, get in touch with us today!