Content and SEO – A Match that Matters

importance of content and seo

When it comes to SEO, content does not get the attention it rightly deserves. Many SEO agencies believe that inserting keywords into the metatags, headings and body text is sufficient to make a website rank. 

With Google’s algorithm becoming more and more sophisticated, content has become a significant part of SEO. Many ranking factors are very much interconnected with high-quality content. Let’s look at why moving forward, an SEO specialist must give equal attention to the content when optimising a website:


Good content improves User Experience

User Experience is an important ranking factor. Other than ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly, run on HTTPS and has low loading time, content also plays an important role in providing users with a pleasant experience when visiting your website. Imagine visiting a website with incorrigible content — just strings of words that do not make sense. Chances are visitors will get agitated and will not stay long on your website, which will inevitably affect your website’s ranking.


Good content increases click-through-rate

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. When you treat your metatags as your bait to lure your visitors to click, chances are, they will! And to do this you have to make sure that your titles and descriptions are clean and crisp, with keywords of course. Click-through-rate being another important ranking factor can be increased with good copywriting.


Good content makes your visitors stay longer on your website

Good content boosts engagement and keeps your visitors on your page for some time. This means you can increase time on site and lower your bounce rate, giving your visitors more chances to stay on your website and take actions, such as clicking a link, filling a form or even making a purchase. Another ranking factor checked by having good content. 


Good content generates backlinks

Having informative, in-depth content encourages other websites to link to your website. Google appreciates high-quality backlinks as it is an indication of a credible website, therefore, giving your website higher chances of ranking high on Google’s search results. 

An effective digital marketing strategy gives equal emphasis to both content and SEO as one cannot work successfully without the other. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, LOCUS-T understands that SEO is not merely keyword stuffing, there is so much more to SEO and content is one very important factor that makes your strategy work. Get in touch with us for professional consultation from the industry experts.