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Common Myths In SEO

SEO Myths

Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been tangled in a web of myths and misconceptions. With self-appointed “tech gurus” everywhere, it is unavoidable that there will be some misinformation about SEO being spread around. As one of the top SEO companies in Malaysia, let us debunk some of the most common myths about SEO.

It’s a one-time thing

The internet is dynamic and ever-changing. Software and websites get updated all the time and the same goes to search engines as well. If you have only done SEO once for your website, chances are some of the algorithms have changed by now, the content may be outdated or some the links may be broken.

Keyword research is useless

Many people think that individual keywords do not matter as much as the context and overall meaning after an update to Google’s algorithm. The truth is that search engines are getting smarter and more sophisticated. Nowadays, they care more about search intent. This makes keywords even more important as you should optimize your content based on the search intent.

So keywords are still important, so more is better right?

In the past, keyword stuffing could be somewhat effective. However, modern algorithms easily detect spammy keywords and any attempts to stuff them will only do harm to your website ranking. Instead, you should focus on crafting relevant and good quality content with those keywords.

A good tip to follow is to write your content naturally and insert the keywords where it is relevant. The baseline here is that you are still writing for human audiences. Spammy keywords make the overall text unnatural and unattractive to your readers.

More backlinks are always better

Whatever we do in SEO, quality trumps quantity every single time. The same goes for building backlinks. Search engines are smart enough to detect if you are trying to spam a bunch of low-quality links such as paid ones or link farms. It is better for you to focus on building links with high authority websites that are relevant to your own.

Higher rankings get you more money

Contrary to popular belief, getting top rankings in searches do not automatically bring in more revenue for your business. Higher rankings simply boost organic traffic as more people get to see your website. Other factors such as unattractive website design and poor products have huge roles in terms of sales too.

For example, you own a stunning storefront with the best interior and exterior designs. However, your products need to be equally good as well to generate sales. SEO works to increase traffic, it is up to you and your products to close the deal. Ultimately, it still depends on user search intent to determine if they will purchase a product or service from your website.

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