4 Tips to Increase Your Website’s Ranking on Google

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Studies have proven time and again that most internet users have a higher tendency to visit websites that are listed in the first few pages of Google’s search engine results page. The higher your website is ranked on the search engine, the more credibility it has in the eyes on the users, directly attracting more clicks and traffic. 

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a powerful digital marketing tool made of multiple elements that makes your website stand out in the busy and crowded world wide web. It increases the quality of your website and fulfils the criteria that can make Google notice it, thus pushing it up the ranking ladder. Here are 4 ways to improve your website and get noticed by Google:


1. Improve User Experience

Google uses several factors to determine which page should be ranked in their search results, which include click-through-rate, time on site and bounce rate. These factors are derived from users’ interaction with the website they are visiting. Click-through-rate is determined by the number of people who click on the search result when it appears, time on site is the time spent on each page of the website, while bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave immediately after landing on one page of the website. A good SEO company in Malaysia will help you optimize not just for Google, but for end-users as well. 

The best way to improve the click-through rate and time on site and reduce bounce rate of your website is by ensuring that it has a structured layout with interesting content. Other factors listed below will also help improve the experience of users visiting your website.  


2. Identify and Target Specific Keywords

It is important to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes when determining the keywords you would like to optimise. Ask yourself, if you want to find the products or services you sell on Google, what are the keywords you will search for on Google? You can also study the keywords targetted by your competitors to see what you might have missed. To attract more relevant traffic, you should be targeting long-tail keywords, which are three or more word phrases more specific to the products or services you offer. Long-tail keywords are generally less competitive too, making it easier to rank. 


3. Write Interesting Meta-Tags

Your meta title and meta description are the phrases that appear on the search engine results page. They are the first impressions you are giving to your potential customers, therefore, making it as compelling as possible is crucial to improve your click-through-rate. You also need to naturally put in your keywords into these meta tags, making sure it is not spammy. These meta tags need to be within the specified character count to avoid search engine from cutting off the excess text. 


4. Have Great On-page Content

Digital marketing and SEO are all about content. The three criteria to enhance the user experience, i.e. click-through-rate, time on site and bounce rate, are hugely influenced by great content. Making sure that your content addresses the needs of your audience while having it optimised with the keywords you are targeting is valuable to increase your SEO ranking. Having great content also allows you to include internal links and attract external links on your website. 

We, at LOCUS-T, use these techniques and more to ensure that your website ranks high on Google’s search engine results page and attracts quality traffic. Do get in touch with us for a consultation on how you can make the most of SEO to boost your website’s ranking.