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4 Reasons on Why Do We Need WordPress Maintenance?

wordpress maintenance

Just like relationships, your WordPress website needs maintenance too.

This is because websites are often made up of many moving pieces that need constant attention and care. WordPress maintenance can help you keep all the components working together so they don’t break down or cause problems for other parts of your site.


4 Reasons on Why Do We Need WordPress Maintenance

1️⃣ Security improvement – to provide security updates to keep your website safe from hackers and malware. Do you wish to get hacked? No, of course! Frequent maintenance reduces the risk of being hacked and improves overall security. 

wordpress maintenance 4


2️⃣ Upgrade plugins and features – to ensure that there aren’t any broken links or images on your site so visitors have an easy time finding what they need quickly without being frustrated with dead ends. From time to time, WordPress upgrades their plugins and features for better user experience and reduces functional bugs. Through frequent maintenance, you can make sure that your plugins and features are up to date too!

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3️⃣ Update fresh content – to get your content updated so you remain relevant in the competitive market. Constantly update your home page content with new products and services, articles or latest promotions to keep your website fresh with information!

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4️⃣ Database backup – to do frequent database backup so you are at lower risk of losing important data. Along with web maintenance, schedule weekly backups for your site to avoid data lost.

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