Internal Linking vs Backlinks

Funny enough, the internet grounds are based on all sorts of links and that includes linking pages, content, resources, data. SEO agencies in Malaysia’s aim is to create these connections and links in order to connect with the worldwide audience.

Web crawlers are then also able to visit from one page to another to crawl sites and understand the connections between them. Without internal linking, external and backlinks, web crawlers would never be able to find your content or website pages.


We will cover the difference between an internal link and backlinks in this blog post, as well as how each can be useful for your website and the important strategies behind them. An SEO company in Malaysia that offers extensive SEO services will be able to understand this sentiment and see the importance of it for a user. Links are able to also help users go from one page to another and deeper into your website.

SEO Services for Internal Linkings and Backlinks

The first purpose of internal links is simply to connect your website visitors with other relevant existing content on your website as it moves a user from one page to another or for finding other resources in your website that can hopefully support what you are talking about or maybe moving it towards a conversion. Therefore, these internal links are basically the way to pave a way for them to search for the desired content.


As for a web crawler’s standpoint, internal linkings are able to help crawlers find the necessary and relevant content as well as providing a clear comprehension of the structure and the process flow of a website. The advantage of internal linking also allows the crawling process to be more efficient which in return, website crawlers are able to spend more time on your website, further understand the context of your site which helps with indexing. Hence, ensuring your website pages appear in search results and are properly in the index. As for user experience, internal linkings, play an important role as well as your SEO, how your site is indexed and recalled in search. But fret not, any wise SEO agency in Malaysia are able to provide such SEO services.


Moving on to backlinks, many SEO companies often believe it can help our SEO which is why we work at generating them every now and then for websites. Unlike the pros of internal linkings, backlinks can often hurt a website as much as they can help you. 


Depending on the type of backlinks you intend to build on your website, not all of your link-building efforts are a waste of time though. When another website links to a certain page on your website, you will receive a backlink and it is a link that goes from an external URL to your website. Unfortunately, many businesses began taking advantage of this and decided to start link building through spammy websites — quite the black hat SEO service and strategy. Naturally, Google was made aware of this treason and decided to update its algorithm in order to teach each backlink with its deserving attention, whether that be positive, negative, or neutral. If all this seems too much, just contact your local SEO agency or company anywhere in Malaysia to look into this SEO service for you.