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How Did FLOOR DEPOT Penetrate From B2B to B2C Market?

How Did Floor Depot penetrate from B2B to B2C


FLOOR DEPOT, one of the well-accomplished floor solution providers in Malaysia since 2001. It offers wide range of high quality flooring types to both residential and commercial properties.
Moreover, they had a lot of branches located in Malaysia,
  • Ipoh 
  • Penang 
  • Johor
and even had a branch in Indonesia to expand to the ASEAN market.

Challenges Catching Up

FLOOR DEPOT physical store.


Rapid growth of online business. Online businesses were dominating the flooring industry while FLOOR DEPOT only operate in offline business.
  • With high paid up capital and cash flow to operate, FLOOR DEPOT was facing difficulty in sustaining its’ business.
High organization risk. FLOOR DEPOT also suffered when it only focused in B2B market.
  • As a result, FLOOR DEPOT wanted to venture into new market segments to diversify its’ organization risk.


We Showed Up

Website Development

Upon understanding FLOOR DEPOT situations, we hatched out a strategy to distinguish their B2B and B2C business . By having two websites dedicated to both of the markets.
Corporate website of FLOOR DEPOT


B2B Market: To establish a corporate website that provides company the background and services.
FLOOR DEPOT website 2
Ecommerce website of FLOOR DEPOT.

B2C Market: To establish an ecommerce website with the intention of selling their products directly to end users.


Search Engine Optimization

Moreover, we also implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase the volume of organic traffic and website ranking on the respective websites.

Similarly to our website development, our keyword strategies in SEO were also based on B2B and B2C market.

Search engine result on floordepot

B2B Market: 

  1. Market position keywords
    • PVC Flooring suppliers
  2. Targeted audience keywords
    • Office flooring suppliers
  3. Product keywords
    • PVC flooring suppliers

Search engine result on Floordepot2u

B2C Market: 

  1. High-intention keywords
    • Buy flooring online
  2. Location keywords
    • Flooring KL
  3. Behavioral keywords
    • Laminate flooring for sale

Both keywords strategies are different because both websites serve different objectives with different audience to attain to.

In general, the overview of the strategy is to achieve:

High volume of traffic to the website with the right intent audience to make a purchase.

Awareness phrase: To generate the high volume of traffic.

Consideration phrase: To attract the right intent audience.

Purchase phrase: To influence viewers to take the desire action, making a purchase.


Results Went Up

Ecommerce Website 

FLOOR DEPOT had successfully penetrated into the B2C market through their online channels.

  • Their sales revenue of ecommerce website had skyrocketed by 15 times throughout the years.


SEO in Corporate Website

Graph of top 10 keywords rank

FLOOR DEPOT had achieved 70% organic traffic increase from 93% optimized keywords that are positioned in the first page of Search Engine Results Page.



Facebook and Google Ads of FLOOR DEPOT had been successful when:

  • 2.4 million of users had seen their online advertisements.
  • 29.6 thousand of users had responded to the advertisements.
  • 2.3 thousand of leads had been generated to the business.

Business Transformation

Floor Depot Express Store

With the overwhelming response towards the ecommerce website, FLOOR DEPOT had opened up 25 Express Stores to support online sales.

  • Therefore, users could have the option to pick up their products at the store or to be delivered to their doorstep.

Moreover, the B2C market is contributing a jaw dropping  60% of the total revenue on FLOORDEPOT.

The best part: Organization risk is diversified when B2C market contributes quick cash to the organization.

Lastly, the overall investment in digital marketing had generated a positive ROAS of 5.3X.

  •  Every RM 1 ad will generate back the revenue of RM 5.30.

The Secret Sauce?

One man and two women hands crossed.
Our Sales and Client Account Executive team in FLOOR DEPOT.
Well- thought out customer journey. Our team had planned out the key strategy towards each stage from a viewer to a customer.
Great communication. We worked well with FLOOR DEPOT to comprehend their industry and goals in digital marketing.
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