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SEO + PPC + GBP Case Study: How To Gain 300% Organic Search Traffic

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Eduwis which is a top 10 preschool franchise brand in Malaysia, focuses on providing the best early childhood education experience to all children through their well-known thematic integrated learning activity-based syllabus. 

However, the question remains, how did we deliver an award-winning marketing campaign, entitled “The Shift of Mass to Targeted Marketing” to our client DURING the pandemic? 


COVID-19 Scares Away The Business

The problem started when Eduwis found their business to be affected severely by a few factors mainly COVID-19 protocols, and high competition which results in having only 20% actual sales conversion rate. Initially, Eduwis did not rely much on Search Engine Marketing as it was perceived to not have much value in it. 

However, when desperate times call for desperate measures, Eduwis approached us with the goal of gaining business stability and having a better lead generator with a shorter sales cycle. However, with the condition of having their overall budget to be reduced by 50% during the whole marketing phase. 

Kids are taught to physical distance to one and another
Kids are taught physical distancing for safety protocol in Eduwis

What Did We Do        


We first analyzed Google Keyword Planner to interpret parents’ clear intentions when looking for preschools during the pandemic.

From there, we planned out a full search funnel especially a SEO funnel on their business after understanding their client’s situation and also their prospects’ demand with three levels: 

  • Awareness & Interest
  • Consideration & Intent
  • Evaluation


Despite their competitors having stopped their search ads at that time, we carried out the digital marketing plan with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be set as the upper funnel (awareness & interest) in bringing more organic traffic via Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Google Search Engine Result
Eduwis SEO ranking on targeted keywords


On the other hand,  Google Search Ads acts as the middle funnel to attract a high-intent audience (consideration & intent) when it became the main driver of high-quality sales enquiry with a shorter sales cycle.

Google ads of a preschool company
Eduwis Google Search Ads


Last but not least, Google Business Profile (GBP) functions as the lower funnel (evaluation) when it acts as the last reference to build trust & increase the confidence of prospects by showing customer reviews before they make their decisions.

Google Business Profile of a preschool company
Google Business Profiles of Eduwis Branches

Business Escalated To New Heights

Through our clear planning & great execution, we witnessed significant results on each of our digital solutions. 

SEO: Organic search traffic to be increased by a staggering 300%.

Google Search Ads: Cost to gain a lead was reduced significantly by 85%.

GBP: Gain over 100 positive reviews from 70 centers.

In the end, through sheer determination, LOCUS-T & Eduwis successfully maximized the effectiveness of search marketing with a small budget despite of such a terrible period for all businesses.

Two people posing for a picture while holding an award
Eduwis won Bronze in Excellence of Search Marketing on 2021


We were privileged enough to witness Eduwis’ journey to redemption from the very first meeting with them! Congratulations to Eduwis for this amazing achievement and also thanks for entrusting us with our services all this time.

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Testimonial given by a preschool company
Eduwis’ Testimonial

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