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How To Target Your Competitors Keywords

Target Your Competitor Keywords

Did you know that you can target the same keywords that your competitor targets?


Well, you actually can through bidding on your competitor’s branded keywords for your webpage to appear on the same Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as your competitors in Google


Bidding for context, involves placing a certain amount of bids and as well as creating ads which will have your website to be appeared when viewer searches for your competitors, most notably, through their company names. 


Why Target Competitors’ Branded Keywords?


To steal traffic from your competitors

As your selling points may outshine your competitors in terms of several factors such as price, viewers who initially searched for your competitor, may be attracted to your website and view yours instead, thus traffic stolen from your competitors.   


To target a specific audience

Most of the time, your competitors’ audience may be similar to yours as well. Therefore, you can try to specify your audience, such as audience who may dislike your competitors in terms of price or quality, for them to enter your website instead. 


As retaliation for a company bidding on a competitor’s keyword 

Several other companies may have already bided on your company as well without you knowing it. Try typing out your brand name and view the SERPs. Therefore, you can counter it by bidding on the competitor’s branded keyword if necessary or you feel that your selling points are much better than theirs, the results may surprise you. 


Do not be afraid to bid your competitors’ branded keywords as it acceptable as long as: 

  1. Ad text does not include a competitor’s trademarked items.
  2. Display URLs do not contain trademarked terms. 
  3. Ads do not try to mislead users about a product’s origin. 

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Now you understand the importance of bidding on your competitor’s keywords, go on and test it out for yourself!

Don’t know how to bid your competitor’s keywords or not sure whether it works or not? Contact us and our team of experts will target the relevant competitor’s keywords for you.

P.S. Do you know that you can spy on your competitor’s ads on Google as well?