How To Respond To Google Reviews Intelligently

 Why Google Reviews Is Important?

In 2022, Google reviews has built a status of reliability in consumers’ purchasing behavior.

By the numbers: 

  • 78% of viewers look into the reviews before consider purchasing the products or services.
  • 67.7% of viewers’ purchasing behavior will be impacted when the business listing consist of reviews as compared to no reviews at all
Police confinement has google reviews
Even a police confinement has Google reviews.

Here’s The Flipside,

Like a coin, that is a flip side to everything including Google reviews. Users will take advantage on the reliability of Google reviews to:

  • Sabotage the rating of the business listing.
  • Boost the rating of their own business listing.
  • Spam with false information on business listing.

What Can We Do?

Thankfully, all of these could be resolved with Google My Business or now known as Google Business Profile (GBP). With GBP enforced, you can resolve the mentioned issues and optimize the potential of Google reviews by:

  • Managing the authenticity of the Google reviews in the business listing.
  • Increasing organic traffic to the website.
  • Replying to the Google reviews in hopes of building rapport with customers

Best part: It’s free to register your own GBP account

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Upon having a Google Business Profile registered, the next question in managing the Google Reviews is “How to respond appropriately to the reviews?”

How To Respond To Google Reviews

Positive Reviews

The objective in replying good reviews is to show the prospects that you have acknowledged customers’ reviews. As a result, viewers will feel confident knowing that customers’ reviews are being addressed by you, the manager or owner of the business.

Here’s a reply sample to positive review:

Positive reply review

Neutral Reviews

Neutral reviews are slightly different when the customer expressed both positive and negative feedback towards your business. Therefore, kindly acknowledge their positive remarks but also provide explanation on the bad experience the customer had encountered.

Here’s a reply sample to neutral review:

Neutral reply sample.

Negative Reviews

Let’s address the elephant in the room, it’s difficult to receive a negative review but it’s the most important review to reply it.

Rule of thumb: It’s best to handle the issue privately with the review to minimize the reputation damage on your business. Here’s a reply sample to smoothen the encounter.

Responding to reviews is very important because 98% of viewers read online reviews of your business!


Congratulations, you have understood the basics of managing GBP, set up your business GBP now and build a positive business background.

Or you can engage with us as we will help you from setting up your GBP to guiding you on other tips you need to know in GBP.