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Google Ads Case Study: Hitting Your Monthly Target Sales Just Got Easier

y&y grass1
Hitting your monthly sales has never been easier when you have LOCUS-T to optimize your website with Google Search Ads 😎
“We get almost 70% of keen clients from high-end residential areas. We were able to see the results within two months and were able to hit our sales target easily. Thank you LOCUS-T for helping us a lot.” – May Wong, Sales Executive of Y & Y Grass Enterprise.
What does the ‘70%’ includes? Let us proudly present the results to you made in just November 2021!
👉🏻Total clicks: 449
👉🏻 CTR: 8.66%
👉🏻 Total conversions: 68.5
👉🏻 Conversion rate: 15.26%
👉🏻 CPA 45% lower than market price
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Why does advertising on Google matters a lot to your business? We know Google is the world’s most commonly used search engine. With millions of searches occurring each day, there is a chance for your business to be seen by someone else.
Over the past few years, LOCUS-T has been helping multiple companies advertise on Google to help boost their presence and get quality leads. Rated 5 stars by our customers, we are proud to serve you with any of our Google Advertising expertise.

If you’re looking for a team of experts to do Google Search Ads, you’re looking at the right spot! Just head on to our website and drop us your details.