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Dynamic Search Ads vs. Responsive Search Ads

google search ads differences

Create the best possible ads for your audience by knowing their difference

They sound a little like magic since they can both dynamically respond to user search queries, allowing Google Ads to offer customized versions of your ad depending on the user’s needs but when and how can you use them to achieve greater advertising success?

Let’s pull the curtain back on Responsive Search Ads vs. Dynamic Search Ads and discover the differences! 



Here’s a brief comparison we’ve made to showcase their pros and cons:

Dynamic Search Ads:

✔️Saves time – No more mapping keywords, bids, and ad text to each product on your website.

✔️Show relevant results – Dynamically generate an ad with a clear headline for the most relevant page on your site.

✔️ Control your ads – Show ads based on your entire website, or specific categories or pages.

✔️Capture additional traffic – Help you gain additional traffic and sales by identifying new serving opportunities that you aren’t already targeting with keywords.

✔️Best way for remarketing and acquisition.


Responsive Search Ads:

✔️Saves time – Provide multiple headlines and description options and let Google Ads show the most relevant combinations to your customers.

✔️Reach more – Using multiple headlines and descriptions options, gives your ads the opportunity to compete in more auctions and match more queries.

✔️Create flexible ads – Adapt to device widths with more room to share your message with potential customers.

✔️Increase ad group performance – Attract more clicks and conversions to help you compete in more auctions.

✔️Best way to drive more qualified leads and improve your conversion rates.

google search ads

In short, Dynamic Search Ads is the easiest way to find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer whereas Responsive Search Ads can create an ad that adapts to show more text and relevant messages to your customers.

PSA: Starting June 30, 2022, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads. According to experts, we would strongly recommend you to transition to either responsive search ads or dynamic search ads.

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