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3 Reasons Why Analytics Is Important In Digital Marketing

importance of analytics

It’s not just about the data. It’s also about what you do with it to reach and connect with your customers in a more relevant way.

There’s no question about it: Analytics is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Here’s WHY

✔️Help to build an effective marketing strategy

✔️Understand the buyers’ journey and connect with the audience

✔️Measure the value of Return of Investment and conversions of campaigns


It can be used to measure customer engagement and make decisions that will lead businesses towards success. For example, it’s important for a company like Nike or Adidas to track how many people are visiting their website, whether they’re taking actions when on-site such as adding items into carts and checking out, as well what channels drive traffic (email campaigns vs social media).

With this information at hand, one can easily determine where time should go – create new ads with more targeted messaging through Facebook rather than LinkedIn? Test advertising copy for Google Adwords? Decide which YouTube videos get posted next based on off metrics data collected from video views per day/week/month etc.? So yes, one of the most pivotal points in digital marketing is analytics.


Google’s Top 3 Must-Use tools in digital marketing

1️⃣Google Keyword Planner

✔️Discover new keywords related to your business

✔️Estimate average monthly searches of a keyword

✔️Determine the average cost for a keyword

keyword planner


2️⃣Google Analytics

✔️Understand how your website users are engaging with your content

✔️Discover new insights from your data and reach the right customers

✔️Analyse and identify high potential customers

google analytics


3️⃣Google Search Console

✔️Measure your website’s search traffic and performance on Google Search

✔️Analyse your website’s impressions, clicks, and position on Google Search

✔️Test and improve your website’s mobile usability

googel search console

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