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Why create a landing page rather than sending people to your website?

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96% of first-time site visitors aren’t ready to buy from you & sending them to your homepage will not bring in the profits and relationship-building opportunities.


Whether it’s for direct sales, lead generation, or increasing conversions, a landing page increases online traffic, builds brand awareness, and develops trust.    

Did you know that businesses with 10-15 landing pages tend to increase conversion by 55% as compared to those with fewer than 10 landing pages?

People land on a landing page by clicking on a specific call-to-action in an email, ad, or social media post, which matches the theme and messaging of a specific campaign.

Whereas a homepage is more generic, designed to appeal to every visitor. A homepage acts as an introduction to that business’ brand, product or service, values, who and what it’s for, who to contact, you name it.

“A homepage is for everybody, and so, it converts nobody.” – Andy Nguyen


Tips on what to include in your landing page that can help you sell big bucks:

✔️ Hero headline

✔️ Hero image

✔️ Call to action button

✔️ Featured product or service

✔️ Unique selling proposition

✔️ Testimonial

✔️ Clientele

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