Top 3 Common Misconceptions on Digital Marketing

common misconceptions

There’s a chance you may come across any of these misconceptions from your friends or yourself.

And as we are tired of explaining to people the truth behind all assumptions, it’s time for us to clear the cloud once and for all! Here are the Top 3 Common Misconceptions people have on Digital Marketing:

Assumption 1️⃣ Digital marketing is expensive, I have no budget for it.

You’ll see digital marketing as an expense when you do not understand the Return of Investment (ROI). Digital marketing is a powerful investment when you can forecast the return and manage the risks.


Assumption 2️⃣ Why can’t we just learn from marketing gurus online?

There are too many online courses available on the internet conducted by different digital marketing freelancers. Not everyone has the time to self-learn from ground 0 or be able to apply it effectively into their business.


Assumption 3️⃣ I’m a business owner, not a digital marketer. Why must I understand this?

Every business owner or marketing manager needs to understand digital marketing in order to make a better decision on their marketing activity and budget allocation. Don’t give excuses in learning something new!


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