Case Studies

Facebook Ads Case Study: How To Get 7 Million Impressions Online

Nearly 7 million impressions? Mhmm, you saw that right! This is how LOCUS-T optimized Eucogen SDN BHD with Facebook Ads

What’s a business without goals and KPI right? When Eucogen NutraVita Malaysia first engaged with us, their objective was to build awareness for their products and their KPI for us was to hit more than 600, 000 impressions and 4%  CTR. And guess what!

The campaign has been ongoing for more than 6 months since March, and we are proud to present YOU the results!

👉🏻Total impressions: 6,930,555

👉🏻Highest ThruPlays: 24,801

👉🏻Highest CTR: 4.06%

👉🏻Total clicks: 13,695

👉🏻Cost per Click: RM0.15

👉🏻Total reach: 1,274,775


While ‘LIKES’ are nice to have, actual leads are what you want to get for profits! And you know what? Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to do this!
There are many reasons why you should advertise on Facebook:
ONE, it’s the best social network for marketing! However, spending money on Facebook ads may not give you the results you expect if not done accurately, so we’d suggest reaching out to experts, like us!

If you’re looking for an expert to do Facebook Ads, you’re looking at the right spot! Just head on to our website and drop us your details.