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We March With Our Cancer Victims

In November 2021, LOCUS-T had joined a CSR event, entitled “Bald & Beautiful 4.0” which was organized by My StarFish Foundation and in collaboration with Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) as well as Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS). There were two objectives of the campaign which were to raise funds in hopes of accelerating the advancement of cancer research in Asian genetics as there are only 5% of genetic studies involving Asian genetics. Moreover, this campaign acts to bring support to our cancer patients and families as well by standing in solidarity with them.    


Since the start of MCO, we had always been assisting SMEs’ who were severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through our approach of Digital Transformation. Similarly, we decided to extend our help into assisting cancer victims who have been struggling with the effects of cancer illnesses with the hopes of shedding hope, light, and love upon our cancer victims along with their battle with cancer. Of course, we walked the talk and had done several activities in light of the cancer awareness campaign. 


First, we visited Cancer Research Malaysia to get an overall picture of the experiments conducted and the progress made to reverse the battle of cancer. Moreover, we were able to comprehend the status of cancer within our country through the speech given by the head organizer of Bald & Beautiful 4.0, Mr. Cheng Ping Keat after our visit to the lab. 

cancer research malaysia

Then, our seven brave employees who had decided to shave their heads had their new hairstyle done, thanks to the help of HairStory salon for the sole purpose of standing in solidarity with cancer victims. Not to forget, we were privileged enough to spread the awareness of the need in conducting cancer research with the help of a TikTok content creator, Roo after our haircut session. 


Through the sheer amount of support received from everyone who had donated and contributed to the campaign, we managed to generate a total of RM 11,521 funds for the campaign. We were on top of the world when the campaign managed to surpass its’ goal of RM 3 million funds generated by a wide margin and happy that we were able to be a part of such a successful fundraising campaign.  


Although our fundraising fund may have ended, the battle with cancer still marches on. We at LOCUS-T will preserve the values of You Are Here, You Are Loved & You Are Light by caring for each other and supporting those who are in need, especially cancer patients and their families around us. 

bald and beautiful