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Top 5 reasons why someone fails with Google AdWords


Thanks to Google AdWords, the popularity of a website can increase considerably because advertisements are placed at relevant moments. When a web user searches for particular keywords, an advert appears which can then be clicked on. When it is marketed properly, a website’s popularity can increase considerably. However, as with many other types of advertising, a Google AdWords campaign can fail and there are several reasons which explain why:

A poor understanding of AdWords

The company that is responsible for a Google AdWords campaign might not know how to utilise it to its fullest. They might claim that they are experts but the exact opposite could be true. By referring to a company that is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, their support will reap many dividends, especially as they can create content which has a strong impact.

A landing page that has a low quality score

When advertisements direct web users to an irrelevant landing page, a negative impression of a company happens. Advertisements should only direct web users to pertinent landing pages and not vice versa.

Bad quality Ad text

The text which is on landing pages should be able to convert into sales. It doesn’t matter how many people visit a page because a solitary web user that is worth a lot of money can be converted into a sale. Even if a small number of people visit a website, they should become a buyer and not a browser. The content which is on a landing page has to be relevant to the advertisements that someone clicks on in order to get there.

Failure to utilise geo-targeting

If a company specialises in local services, its advertisements should reflect that. When a website is promoted to an international audience, this can be a wasted opportunity. A construction company in Nashville that cannot provide services outside of Tennessee should not be promoted to web users who are in Sydney, Australia. By embracing geo-targeting, relevant customers will be focused on and not those which are thousands of miles away.

Inability to track and optimise performance

In order to boost ROI, the performance of all advertisements must be noted. Even when multiple adverts are placed on several search engines, they should be tracked. Any adjustments which should be made can be identified so that mistakes which are made at the moment won’t happen again in the future. If a particular advertisement is very successful, it can be optimised furthermore in other areas of a website.