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Tips to Choose the Best Images for Your Website

best images for website

Content may be King, but images play an equally important role in ensuring that a website gives a positive user experience. Using random, stock images may have worked many years ago, but, today, with a more aware and exposed audience, images have to blend with the overall concept of the website and connect with them.

Here are some boxes to tick when you are choosing the right images for your website:

Image Quality

Choose images with large pixels and high-resolution, but in small file sizes so that it wouldn’t slow down the website loading speed, which may affect your SEO performance. Keep in mind that your audience will be viewing your image from different screen sizes, therefore, the image sizing should be dynamic and work well in all platforms. Never try to increase the size of an image to fit your design, as it may end up distorted or grainy, which can be a major put-off for your audience.

Brand Relevance

The image you choose should be relevant to your brand and products or services so that your audience can immediately grasp the purpose of your website without needing to scroll through and look for the descriptions. You can achieve the goal of your website at the first instance if your image speaks of your brand.

Humanise Your Design

Using images of real people are more likely to make your audience feel connected to your brand. For instance, an image of a man or woman wearing a watch has more human connection than an image of only the watch. Your image will give your audience a picture of how your watch will look on a real person and this can lead to a higher chance of a conversion. 

Be Unique

Even if you have to spend a few extra ringgit, choosing images that are unique can make a lot of difference. Many companies and designers turn to stock photos when looking for images for their website. Overused images take away the uniqueness of your website and this may decrease the chances of capturing your audiences’ attention and making them want to stay longer on your site. Even if you have to choose stock photos, look for images that are not overly popular — you may look at the download counter to check for the number of times the image has been downloaded. If you have the budget, the best option is to use customised images shot especially for your brand. 

There are many reasons that make or break a website and image is one of the most important factors. If you are looking for a web development company that can give you the right advice, not only about the images you should be using but also on the overall performance of your website, you have come to the right place!

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