Case Studies

SEO Case Study: How to Rank on 1st Page For 93% Keywords

Result Celebration Time! 

Last year, PopoMama Confinement Food 婆婆妈妈月子调理餐 has approached us to improve their website conversion and boost their google search ranking. 

As usual, we gathered our team of marketing wizards and data experts to map out a concrete SEO strategy that elevates their online presence to greater heights. 

And our efforts paid off! 28 out of 30 keywords were ranked on the 1st page. The average CTR was increased to 3.07%, generating total impressions of 9497. But, this is not the best part yet! We’ve managed to achieve at least 20.90% goal conversion rate from organic search and 23.12% goal conversion from direct typing. After in-depth research, we’ve realized the keyword ‘月子餐外卖’generated 30.65% of CTR. 

Making a difference to small businesses has always been our mission since we first started this digital marketing agency. Knowing they would struggle to adapt to the online world, we wouldn’t mind going all out to get their conversion right on track. 

“Thank you to LOCUS-T for supporting us in our SEO conversion. We are very grateful to have you to help us get good SEO results!” – Wai Hong, CEO of PopoMama Confinement Sdn Bhd


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