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SEO Case Study: How To Gain 85% Increased In Leads

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It All Started With A Problem

Sentral Education which is a tertiary education located in Penang found themselves in need of building online presence and brand awareness when competitors were dominating the market.

Sentral Education’s website

First Meeting With Client

From the very first meeting, our sales consultants went through Sentral Education business situation as well as carried out competitors’ analysis and conducted keyword research on our client.

Through having the mindset of putting themselves under the shoes of our client, it was decided that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer to all of the problems raised.

SEO was the best solution as it can do the following:

  • Increase web visibility through targeting relevant and high-demand keywords.
  • Increase web traffic through first page ranking
  • Better user experience when technical features of the website such as loading speed is optimized.


The Best Part Of All

Ever since our client had received our services, not only their issues have been resolved, their results have been nothing but constant improvement. Just take a look at the statistics as it doesn’t lie.

Table of results from a company
Results of Sentral Education From 2019 – 2021

26 to 30% increase of organic website indicates that there are more new and existing users everyday to enter the website upon searching for aspects related to tertiary education in Penang.

127% increase of goal completion indicates that  a lot of users completed clients’ desired actions in the website which could refer to staying in the website.

85% increase of completed enquiry forms indicate 85% increase of leads for Sentral Education in the hopes of converting into sales.

What Did We Learn? 

The funniest thing is that all these outstanding results were achieved without much input in SEO, much less by Sentral Education as well. SEO is indeed a long-term marketing strategy but when done properly, the positive results are sustainable in the long-term. And the best part is that, leads will always come to you without much hassle.

Just take a look at what the marketing manager in Sentral Education has to say about our services.

testimonial given by a client
Testimonial Provided By Sentral Education

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