Case Studies

How to increase organic traffic by 52.67%

seo case study 1


The Client:

Our client hosts an online platform that provides the latest in property updates, news and trends in the market. Currently, they are recognized as one of the most reliable and credible voices in the property industry. Through them, users are able to get the newest property trends, listings and data so that they can make more informed decisions.

The Goal:

With increasing digital competition, our client has decided to engage with our services to increase organic traffic sessions and boost search result rankings.

The Job:

  • Before we started any optimization works, we studied the nature of our client’s website and went through all of their requirements. We have also selected a list of keywords based on extensive research.
  • Other than that, a thorough analysis was also done on the website. We want to identify if there are any existing issues with the website so that we can rectify it. Some of the problems that we have identified include broken links and suboptimal web structure.
  • In the end, we suggested that suitable changes be made to the website based on SEO requirements.
  • We enriched the website with relevant and keyword-optimized content. Broken links were also fixed so that search engines can crawl the website smoothly.
  • Pages were also properly restructured and organized into many different categories. This is to give the website a pleasing structure and improve the user experience.
  • We also identified several important metrics that are used to evaluate overall website performance. This is useful for us to gauge the overall effectiveness of our SEO strategies.
  • Finally, the obtained results are compared against a few competitors in the industry. For optimal performance, the website is fine-tuned from time to time.


The Results:

By engaging with our SEO services, the client experienced an impressive 52.67% increase in organic traffic. Search result rankings have also improved by 35.7%.

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