Rough Journey To Getting 2 AOTY Awards in 2022

Our Rough Journey To Getting Two AOTY Awards 2022

Our Results

On the thirteen annual edition Agency of The Years Awards 2022 organized by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, we managed to bag home 2 AOTY awards:
  • Silver and Local Hero for Search Marketing Agency of the Year
  • Bronze for Lead Generation Agency of the Year 
This year has been a marvelous achievement to us because we always take part 1 award category every year.
people standing on stage with awards on hands
We were jubilant to receive not 1 but 2 awards this year!
Quality is better than quantity: Despite of only participating in  Search Marketing Agency of the year. We are the powerhouse for this award as we had won Gold in 2016 and 2017 and also Silver in 2015 & 2021.
AOTY 2021
We won Silver for Search Marketing Agency of The Year in 2021

However, in align with one of our values, Learning and Growth, we desire to do something different in 2022. We wanted to challenge ourselves and participated in different award categories.

Reason behind it: Yes, we did feel honor and satisfied as being the best Search Marketing Agency in Malaysia. Still, we are not just a one award wonder agency. We believe we are a great digital marketing agency in Malaysia. With that, our journey to select the award categories begin.   

How we select which categories to join: We were confident and believed that we had a solid chance into winning an award during our selection process.

We decided to participate in 3 Agency of the Year Awards (AOTY) and 2 MARKIES categories which are:

  • B2B Agency of The Year Award
  • Lead Generation Agency of The Year Award
  • Search Marketing Agency of The Year Award
  • Most Effective Use – B2B Marketing 
  • Most Effective Use – Non-Profit Marketing
What is Markies: Markies is different than AOTY awards as it is more specific on how the agency served the client beginning from idea implementation to the outcome of it rather than the whole agency service.   

We registered and submitted our entries into these categories and the rest was history.


In the end, we were proud of ourselves as we had taken a huge step towards becoming a more reliable digital marketing agency in Malaysia. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our gratitude to our team and our clients’ for their continuous support towards what we do best.

Without all of them, we would not be confident to take such big step in entering so many  of these awards.