Retaining and Reselling to Your Current Customer

how to retain customers

According to a report by Invesp, acquiring a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing one. And when a business is able to improve its customer retention rates by 5%, an increase of 25-95% in profit can occur. To do so, business owners and the likes of it should create successful customer retention campaigns where customers’ personalised information are included in the sales funnel and market.

And who can be most helpful to you when you have fewer resources to create a campaign on your own is none other than with a digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

In hopes to build a marketing campaign that focuses on increasing your retention rates, the few strategies that may be useful for you to resell your current clients or customers include targeting them through search engines and social media advertising. This is an excellent way to boost repeat sales as based on a recent study by The Manifest, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are among the most popular advertising platforms for small businesses.

Content marketing is also an effective way to retain and resell to your current customers. This is when personalised content marketing comes through. When you hire a digital marketing agency or company, they will be able to create content that keeps customers engaged after purchase, in return, generating repeat business.

A digital marketing company like LOCUS-T can provide content that encompasses a large range of marketing efforts in order to deliver first-rate and compelling messages for your business and higher engagements. A strategy can be built based on targeted existing customers by aligning content with the needs of customers in emails, as well as on social media and your website.

Furthermore, the content on your website can be used to your advantage as it can keep the attention and appeal of your customers. For instance, when useful website content is produced, it can educate the website visitors on the use of your products and services before extending the relationship between you and your paying customers.

With the assistance of a digital marketing agency, the content on your help pages, product and service categories, as well as customer service information can be a form of vehicle to maintain a high standard engagement with your customers. Useful resources like so may establish a positive impression of your company and that will only gradually encourage customer loyalty.

Allow your business and website to evolve and experience the digital transformation it needs. With their unique assistance, a digital marketing agency will ensure to provide and create content marketing strategies with repeat customers in mind, so that all your future campaigns are more personalised and effective for your business.