Fun At Work

LOCUS-T invited to the Google Partner All-Star Summit 2014

Fun at Work

LOCUS-T has been one of the agencies being invited to attend Google’s Partner All-Stars Summit at its headquarters – the Googleplex located at San Jose, California, held on August 27 and 28, 2014.

Google Partners is a platform from Google designed to enable online marketing agencies and consultants to get the most out of the relationship with search engine giant. Qualifying for Google Partner status is an uphill struggle, with being certified in the Adwords platform, meeting minimum spend requirements and steadfast adherence to a list of best practices such as the use of ad scheduling and ad extensions, remarketing setup and account optimization, just to name a few.

Learning a great deal from a total of 11 presentations within TWO days

All attendees from more than 280 Google Partners from over 50 countries invited to the All-Stars Summit at Googleplex got an inside look at a variety of Google’s marketing and beta products, as well as received hands-on training from Google experts. Topics, delivered mostly through a series of presentations, were primarily focused on Google Shopping Experience, Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google+, among many others. The learning experience enabled these Google Partners to serve better and take internet marketing standards worldwide to new heights.“It is our pleasure to be chosen to be a part of this summit with Google Partners from all over the world. This is truly a remarkable learning experience,” said Deric Wong, Head of Operation, who represented LOCUS-T, Malaysia’s first internet marketing agency to be certified as a Google Partner, to attend the international All-Stars Summit event alongside winners from other countries.

Being one of the eight from Southeast Asia invited to the All-Stars Summit Trip, LOCUS-T will continue to strive to provide Google AdWords Services of even higher quality, to current and future clients from a myriad of industries in Malaysia, as well as aiming to qualify for the next Google Partner All-Stars Summit event.

LOCUS-T is a Google Partner-certified company experienced and specializes in various internet marketing based services, serving over 1,000 satisfied clients in Malaysia and Singapore throughout the past 14 years. The company follows strict protocols and is dedicated in delivering Google AdWords services that are of the highest quality to clients.