Case Studies

How LOCUS-T helped Falcon Safe to secure long-term projects through successful digital marketing

falcon safe case study

About the company

Falcon Safe has been providing high-quality safe boxes, vaults, and fireproof cabinets since 1982. They eventually developed into a broad-based security and asset protection company with a multitude of product and service offerings. Today, Falcon Safe has grown into a well-established International brand and is the leading exporter to countries such as Asia, Australia, Middle East, European, USA, and China.


Problem statement

Despite being a well-known brand in the security and asset protection industry, Falcon Safe lacked online presence and organic traffic to their website, which meant that they were not getting enough leads. To ensure they are getting more exposure online, Falcon Safe needed a digital marketing agency with experience to provide performance-oriented digital solutions. This is where LOCUS-T stepped in. 


The results

Since partnering with LOCUS-T back in October of last year, Falcon Safe has been experiencing tremendous online growth through our customized digital marketing solutions. In just a short period of time, LOCUS-T managed to rank two of Falcon Safe’s domains for high volume keywords into the first page of SERPs while increasing new unique users to their website by 24,347. From the new traffic pouring into their website, Falcon Safe saw an outstanding 34.39% goal conversion rate for organic search and had an increase of up to 16.67% in click through rates for keywords. Currently with LOCUS-T’s SEO efforts, Falcon Safe holds a much higher organic search market share than before while outranking three of their top competitors.


Additionally, to solve the lack of potential leads, LOCUS-T engaged 2 ad campaigns on Facebook and Google which garnered a total of 188 and 173 quality leads respectively. Amassing up to a combined total of 1,802,446 impressions and 21,454 clicks all within one month! Our team of experts managed to keep the cost per click low while achieving high conversion rates of up to 6% on average. Here’s what the Managing Director of Falcon Safe Malaysia, Francis Yeoh had to say about the results:

“We are very happy with the one-to-one consultation provided by LOCUS-T. They really adjust campaigns to the current situation and offer us solutions that bring immense results. Our Google & FB campaigns were also a success with satisfying conversion rates. We received qualified referrals and eventually secured long-term potential projects via referrals from local and international markets. They just seem to be more experienced about the technical aspect of SEO than other companies.” 


In conclusion, digital marketing is an extraordinarily cost-effective tool that can be used to boost ROI and generate high quality leads for your business. Digital marketing should be built in momentum with time, as it grows more effective as it continues. So start your digital marketing journey with LOCUS-T today! Armed with more than 20 years of experience, LOCUS-T has helped many companies, big and small, to develop fully customised performance-oriented digital solutions that yield high conversions and leads. Contact us now to know what we could do for your business!