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Google Ads Case Study: RM 10,000 to RM 300,000 Revenue Within 5 Months.

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Fear on Uncertainty

Homepage for Kilang Besi Choong Len
Landing Page of Kilang Besi Choong Len

Kilang Besi Choong Len Sdn Bhd was established in 1990 when it was known as Choong Lean Iron Works which started in 1975.

Over the years the company has developed and participated in various steel fabrication projects for industrial and commercial sectors, serving its clients nationwide. 

However, in the year of 2021 was a year of uncertainty for Kilang Besi Choong Len when:

  • businesses model was considered traditional without much innovation and had low dependence on proper marketing strategy.
  •  The factory could only manufacture a few thousand types of steel fabrication products due to limited of resources.
  • Business owners were uncertain about the products on which they want to focus.

Therefore, they decided to approach Digital Marketing  as the solution to:

  • explore various new sales opportunities
  • determine whether B2B marketing could work or not.


Through observing their situation, we realize the best digital solution to resolve their issue is Google Ads because:

  • Their target audience was B2B  prospects.
  • Their prospects were indeed searching for their products and services but were unaware of their brand.


1. Google Keyword Planner

Through understanding their target audience which are businesses that require medium size steel fabrication services in Malaysia.

LOCUS-T performed keyword research through Google Keyword Planner to identify the market demand for their service in Malaysia.

  • By the numbers: the data showed an average monthly search of 1,250 & which is a pretty decent amount for the B2B industry to target.

Since the search queries were found not to include the end product, we could only target broader and short-tailed keywords such as steel fabrication Malaysia, and structural steel fabricators.

With that in mind, we suggested targeting up to 70% market share.


2. Landing Page

Since the business did not have any business website, we created a marketing landing page:

  • to provide sufficient and necessary information. 
  • to drive form enquiry through communications in WhatsApp and phone calls. 

What’s included in the landing page?


  • Unique selling points of the business such as 40 years of experience & on-time delivery in the landing page.
    • To convince prospects on choosing their business over its competitors.


  • Type of product that can be manufactured
    • To provide sufficient information and enquiry form should prospects be interested to purchase. 


  • Clientele & testimonials
    • To build credibility of the company.



Within 2 months of running Google ads, our landing page manage to generate 40 sales leads

Moreover, our client was able to convert 10% of the sales leads to become their clients! 

At the end of 2021, the accumulated sales revenue generated from Google Search Ads was RM300,000 with a 3,000% on ROI! 


The best part: 1 of the clients from the sales lead – a Signboard Solution Provider would become a long-term recurring client for Kilang Besi Choong Len

  •   To order steel structure support work for petrol station modular design for their clients worldwide.

Even better news: Our project with Kilang Besi Choong Len has earned a finalist position in the Most Effective Use – B2B Marketing from Agency Of The Year 2022 as organized by Marketing-Interactive.

The secret recipe to success: Sufficient and quality research on our client’s target audience. With great planning feeds into great strategy and ultimately great success.

Of course, this could have not been possible without our teams’ expertise in their respective fields.

Want to achieve great success just like our Kilang Besi Choong Len? Engage us now to gain 360 degrees of support from our various teams to achieve the digital marketing transformation your business seek of.