Common Mistake In Digital Marketing: Lack of Research

Common Mistake in Digital Marketing: Lack of Research

“I tried digital marketing but why am I not getting quality leads?”

It’s always difficult to experience disappointing outcomes after you’ve given your best. But let’s ask a different question here,

“Do I understand my audience well enough?”
Why ask this question: Most business owners that fail in digital marketing tend to make the wrong decisions such as
  • What they think their audience’s behavior vs Their audience’s actual behavior.

Why the wrong decisions: Lack of the research.

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How to avoid this: Conduct research of course! Here are some recommended research you can start with.

1. Keyword Demand Research

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The search volume on the keyword “windscreen replacement”
Keyword Demand Research functions to track keywords that used to find your products or services. 
Why it’s important: To identify your audience’s actual demand in your industry scope. 
2. Competitor Analysis
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A List of Google Ads on Windscreen Specialist

Research competitors’ activity such as their Google Ads or website to identify their unique selling points.

Why it’s important: To realize audience’s purchasing behavior through understanding why they choose your competitors over your business.

3. Identify Your Business Unique Selling Points

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Unique Selling Points of A Windscreen Specialist
Research your business own unique selling points after researching your competitors. Try to stand from a customer’s point of view and ask: 
  • What makes your business a better choice than your competitors?
  • Is it the price, location or even the customer services?
 Why it’s important: To realize the actual value of your business from the audience point of view. 
From there, you will realize the actual value of your business from your audience.
After conducting the research, you will gain insights on:
  • Where your business stand in the market.
  • What is your audience’s demand.
  • What is the gap between you and your competitors.
Congratulations, you have done the first step of digital marketing which is researching!
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It feels like a hassle to do such proper research but it’s the best way to achieve the end goal your business wants.
No time to research? Get in touch with us now as we will shape your business from head-to-toe in achieving your business goals!