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3 Golden Rules for Writing Engaging Website Content

engaging website content

A website is your corporate identity — where your target audience gathers information about your business, learn about your products and services, and a platform that you can capitalise on to persuade them to choose you. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website provides visitors with the right information in the right way. There is no one size fits all formula to writing website content, but these 3 Golden Rules can serve as a guideline to create content that is engaging and captures your readers’ attention.

Keep it Short and Simple

Remember, website visitors do not read the content, they just scan through them, so never write a website content like how you would write for a book or a magazine. Yes, it should be informative but it also has to be straightforward and easy to digest. 

Use short and simple paragraphs that do not contain big words and jargons. Arrange it with headers and subheadings that explains the following paragraphs and when possible use bulleted or numbered points that can provide information at one glance. If you are looking into ranking your website using SEO, a structured content will be a great way to boost your rankings.

Develop a Buyer’s Persona

Understand who your readers are and what they are looking for when they visit your website, in other words, understand the user’s intent. For example, if you own a business selling organic products, create a buyers’ persona and list down their expectations. What would they want? Do they visit your website just to buy your products or would they want to understand why they are buying organic products from your brand? 

Answer these questions for them through your website content. You don’t merely list down your products on your website, you instead have to educate your visitors on the benefits and convince your customers with your brand value — that too in a simple and straightforward way. 

Be Unique

Many website contents fall into the trap of using ‘cliched’ phrases like ‘best in the market’, ‘industry-leader’, and ‘revolutionary’. These words have become so common that visitors are not impressed, nor are they convinced with these claims. It is important to show your audience that your company is great, but throwing in inflated claims that are used by every other competitor in your industry does not make your website stand-out. 

To set yourself apart from your competitors, you can instead highlight your unique selling points. Rather than telling your visitors that you are the best in the market, you can tell them that you can solve their problems in less than 24 hours or that your products are freshly-made upon order. Understand your audience’s pain points, solve them through your content, and their attention will be all yours!

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