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    1. These Service Level terms shall be applied to manage the maintenance of LOCUS-T Client’s SEO Service:
    1. These terms shall supplement the Master Service Agreement.
    2. LOCUS-T may modify the terms here from time-to-time and in such an event will notify the Client by email. The notification will set out the effective date of any changes.

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology technique and strategy that increases website traffic through optimum organic appearance and position in search engine result page (SERP) achieved by improving the completeness and increasing the relevancy & trustworthiness of a website.
    1. The Client hereby acknowledge and is aware that during the term of the SEO Service:

      1. LOCUS-T will use its reasonable best efforts (no guarantee of any nature is provided by LOCUS-T) to enable the Client’s website to appear on the first page of the relevant search engine through optimization based on the current trend of search engine algorithm;
      2. Search engine algorithms will change from time to time and this may affect the Client’s website ranking consistency on search engine result pages;
      3. There is no guarantee of any nature whatsoever from LOCUS-T that the Client’s customer base will increase as a result of this Service.
    2. Client shall be solely responsible for all content on its website and shall indemnify and keep the indemnified LOCUS-T in full for any losses or damages which may be suffered or incurred by LOCUS-T with respect to any matter relating to the Client’s Content or content on the Client’s website.
    3. LOCUS-T observes a strict ethical search engine optimization policy and shall not be responsible for any bans or restrictions imposed due to external unethical activities beyond LOCUS-T’s control.
    4. Payment, Renewal of Services and Termination

      1. Invoice for the SEO Service renewal will be issued on contract basis.
      2. Without prejudice to any right of LOCUS-T, the relevant Services shall be deemed terminated in the event the Client fail/refuse/neglect to pay the Fees for the renewal within LOCUS-T’s prescribed period.
      3. The SEO Service shall be terminated in the event the Client does not wish to renew the SEO Service upon the expiry of the term of the SEO Service. LOCUS-T’s responsibilities, obligations and liabilities under the SEO Service shall be deemed fully discharged and released upon the termination or expiry of the SEO Service.
      4. In the event the Client wishes to terminate the SEO Service during the term/period of the SEO Service, Client shall send an official written notification to LOCUS-T thirty (30) days prior to the intended termination date. All amounts paid and expenses incurred for the Client’s SEO Service are not refundable in any circumstances.

        1. Scope of Performance Management Service:


          1. To review and improve website traffic and keyword ranking performance; 
          2. To plan and review the strategic direction of the optimization and analyse the process from month to month across the covered period; 
          3. To analyse the causes of any potential deviations or unexpected issues, and to propose measures to correct and/or anticipate similar situations and/or take preventive measures. 


          On Boarding




          1. Non-Customizable Default Monthly Report 
          2. Quarterly Performance Review 
          1. Non-Customizable Default Monthly Report 
          2. Quarterly Performance Review 
          1. Non-Customizable Default Monthly Report 
          2. Monthy Performance Review 


          6 Months

          12 Months

          12 Months

          Venue / Channels

          1. Monthly reports will be sent by email. 
          2. Quarterly and Yearly Performance Report will be communicated by Client Servicing Team based on the project schedule. 
          3. Multiple communication channels will be adopted such as Face to Face discussions, Video conference, Phone calls, Google Hangouts and others. 


          1. Website Traffic, Keywords rankings, Data Performance Review & Analysis 
          2. Website direction advice or recommendations.