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    1. These Service Level terms shall be applied to manage the maintenance of LOCUS-T Client’s PPC Service
    1. These terms shall supplement the Master Service Agreement.
    2. LOCUS-T may modify the terms here from time-to-time and in such an event will notify the Client by email. The notification will set out the effective date of any changes.
    1. Pay-per-click (PPC), or alternatively known as cost per click (CPC), is a digital advertising model used to drive traffic to websites or landing pages, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & etc.) to run digital advertising. An online campaign is a digital advertising effort undertaken by LOCUS-T to help businesses drive conversions, engagement, traffic or revenue by running pay-per-click campaign such as Google Ads or other social media campaigns such as Facebook & Instagram ads to reach out to a specific group of audience.
    1. The Client hereby acknowledge and is aware that during the term of PPC Services:

      1. LOCUS-T will use its best reasonable efforts (no guarantee of any nature is provided by LOCUS-T) to manage and optimize Clients’ online campaign including but not limited to budget management, keywords strategy, ad text development, bidding strategy and any other tools to enable Client’s advertisement to appear on the first page of the search engine, website, streaming sites and social media platform while achieving the campaign objectives.
      2. The optimization conducted by LOCUS-T may not produce immediate results.
      3. Updates such as text and image replacement on landing page & banner are included in the fundamental integration fee for the same campaign/project.
      4. Additional charges shall be imposed for new campaigns such as new promotion, new festive campaigns and other fresh new events.
      5. There is no guarantee of any nature whatsoever that the Client’s customer base or sales or revenues will increase and the Client’s advertisement will at any time or at all times appear on the first page or first ranking of the search engine as a result of PPC Service.
      6. Google Ads serves to maximize Client’s return on investment (ROI) by displaying the ads more often on days when search traffic is higher and Clients’ total daily cost may increase up to 2 times of the average daily budget. However, for all Google Ads campaign that runs on calendar months, clients will not be charged more than the average daily budget multiplied by the average number of days in a month (30)
      7. For Facebook Ads, Facebook may unilaterally spend up to 10% more than Clients’ daily budget on certain days when there may be better opportunities to get more significant results.
      8. The online campaign and ad text hereunder are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by Google, Facebook and/or other third party service platforms and may be updated from time to time, which the Client acknowledges and agrees that it shall observe. In the event any circumstances arising during the campaign, the official statement from Google, Facebook and/or third party service platforms shall be final and binding on the Client and LOCUS-T.
    2. Payment, Renewal of Services and Termination:

      • The Clients may opt to pause or suspend the budget spending with the mutual agreement with LOCUS-T. The Client shall inform LOCUS-T five (5) days in advance to resume the campaign.
      • The online campaign shall remain active during the term of the PPC Service until the Client’s allocated advertising budget is fully utilised in delivering the clicks pursuant to the Services.
      • The Client shall be responsible to top-up the relevant advertising budget to ensure the continuity of the campaign.
      • All unutilised budget, shall be saved and maintained in the Client’s account for upcoming campaigns.
      • LOCUS-T shall send campaign re-activation notice, in the form of Tax Invoice twenty-one (21) days prior to the expiry of the Client’s campaign as referred in the Service Order contract.
      • Upon expiration or termination of the PPC service, the Client shall be granted access to the Google Ads account of LOCUS-T provided they fulfill the twelve (12) months contract period. (Only applicable for Clients who sign up for the New PPC Package effective May 2019).
      • In the event the Client wishes to terminate the PPC Service during the term / period of the PPC Service, the Client shall send a notice in writing thirty (30) days prior to the intended termination date to LOCUS-T. All amounts paid and expenses incurred for the Client’s PPC Service are not refundable under any circumstances.
    3. Scope of Performance Management Service:

      • To manage and optimize advertising campaign performance
      • To plan and review the strategic direction of the optimization and analyse performance from month to month across Advertising Campaign period
      Scope On Boarding Standard Enterprise
      1. Non-Customizable Weekly Report


      1. Non-Customizable Monthly Report
      1. Non-Customizable Weekly Report
      2. Non-Customizable Monthly Report
      3. Quarterly Performance Consultation
      1. Non-Customizable Weekly Report
      2. Customizable Monthly Report
      3. Quarterly Performance Consultation
      Period According to the signed contract
      Venue / Channels
      1. Weekly & Monthly reports will be sent by email.
      2. Quarterly Performance Report will be communicated by the Client Servicing Team based on the project schedule.
      3. Multiple communication channels will be adopted such as Face to Face discussions, Video conference, Phone calls, Google Hangouts and others.
      • Data Performance (e.g. Conversions, CPA, CTR & etc.) review and analysis.
      • Advertising campaigns advice or recommendation.