Baidu Advertising


Baidu Advertising utilizes its 81% share of the search engine market in China and a network of 600,000 affiliate websites, to create a platform linking the needs of hundreds of millions internet users and businesses.

  • 2,280,000 searches on agriculture
  • 3,550,000 searches on construction and renovation
  • 6,950,000 searches on mechanical equipment
  • 1,270,000 searches on tourism and ticketing
  • 13,430,000 searches on business services
  • 28,070,000 searches in books, images, audio & video

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What Is Baidu Search Marketing

A pay-per-click (PPC) online marketing service that utilizes Baidu’s 81% share of the search engine market in China and a network of 600,000 affiliate websites, to create a platform linking the needs of hundreds of million of internet users and businesses.

Anyone with needs is able to find suitable products and services with ease, and businesses are able to yield large numbers of potential clients using small amounts of investments, and enhance brand awareness along the way.

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    Baidu Search Marketing
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    Baidu Content Network
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    Baidu Brand Zone
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    Baidu Travel Portal

Why Baidu Advertising?


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    Commit To A Huge Market

    Baidu reaches out to 95% of internet users in China. It is the largest search engine in China catering to 6 billion search requests every day.

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    Precision Targeting

    Targets clients with needs in a precise manner and reaches out to clients with needs through filtering of keywords, locations and time.

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    Large numbers of high quality media platform: 600,000 high quality websites

    Baidu’s strong brand appeal and mature marketing methods has, through years of meticulous operations, enabled the Content Network to become the most capable affiliate network in China.

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    The most preferred choice of Chinese users

    Baidu is China’s no. 1 brand in the minds of internet users. China’s users trust Baidu’s search results and Baidu SEM has become the most preferred marketing means among Chinese businesses.

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    No charges for impressions

    Pay-per-click (PPC). Displays your advertisements for free and only charges when the targeted audience respond to your Ads.

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    Be the early bird

    Many companies would love to expand to China’s lucrative market but they do not know how. And now, here is your best opportunity.



No one knows BAIDU better than us in this region. We are THE Sole Strategic Partner of Baidu.
    • Local & China Expertise

      We combine our 17 years of experience and over 2000 clients, with the rich best practices of Baidu to provide you the best China Internet Marketing experience that focuses on efficiency and result.

    • Direct Access to Baidu China

      We have direct access to Baidu China and latest Baidu Advertising beta updates. Your Baidu campaign’s implementations will always be up to date with the best technology and methods available.

    • Trust and Transparency

      Baidu China audits all of our clients’ campaign ad spend. No hanky panky, your ad spend is safe with us.

    • Performance Benchmarking

      We commit to Baidu’s international standards to deliver benchmarked performance to our campaigns managed. We will not settle for anything lesser.

    • We Are Trained by Baidu China

      With direct trainings and insights from Baidu China, we are confident to deliver:

      • Lower cost per click (CPC)
      • Higher click through rate (CTR)
      • Lower cost per acquisition (CPA)