If you want your business to be seen; you need to be where people are. Be there, when people search for you on Google.


  • Ahead of your competitor who are not there.
  • FREE local listing in Google (Google Search Engine & Map).
  • Show the accurate information (Location, Phone Number, Product/Service , & Website) to your existing & potential customer.
  • Update holiday special hour to avoid dissatisfaction of customer especially for retail industry.
  • Show customer reviews to increase sales closing rate / confidence to your business.
  • Able to response to angry customer & good customer who give constructive feedback.
  • Get to know the insight such as Queries used to find your business, How customers search for your business, Where customers view your business on Google, Customer actions, Phone calls, Popular times, Photo views, & Photo quantity.
  • Addition channel to communicate with customer other than FB & Website.


  • Register & Activate Your Business On GMB
  • Claiming & Verifying Ownership Of Your Business
  • Business Listing Clean up
  • Upload Your Business Images
  • Populate Your Business Details
  • Link To Your Business Review
  • Setup Your Google My Business Posts


  • Time-saving for business
  • Provide Video Tutorial / E-Book for knowledge purpose
  • Claimed more than xx amount of GMB listing
  • Google Search Engine Marketing Expert
  • Strategy for GMB + Website + SEO
Google My Business (GMB)
One-Time Setup
Register & Activate Local Business On GMB
Claiming & Verifying Ownership of Your Business
Business Listing Cean Up
Upload Your Business Images
Populate Your Business Details
Link To Your Business Review
Setup Your Google My Business Posts
Video Tutorial

Terms & Conditions For Web Maintenance Package

  • Upon purchased LOCUS-T’s services through the system, the client agrees to LOCUS-T’s Terms and Conditions and authorizes LOCUS-T’s employees the rights to manage and optimize the website.
  • By signing up and submitting this order, you acknowledge and agree to the details of the service order and payment terms. The service order, once purchased, is non-cancellable.
  • Any applicable tax, duty, levy or other government charge, including but not limited to 6% Sales and Service Tax (SST) and Imported Service Tax (IST only applicable on ads spend budget for Facebook ads and Google ads) are is to be borne by the client.
  • LOCUS-T reserves the right to add / remove / edit the Terms and Conditions whenever necessary.
  • Upon signing this agreement purchase this order, all the Terms & Conditions from the prior agreement shall be void and will be superceded by new LOCUS-T Terms & Conditions.
  • Domain registration fees are strictly non refundable.
  • LOCUS-T reserves the right to decline any Service Order whatsoever placed issued by the Client and in the event that the Client makes any payment/ deposit simultaneously by placing the with the issuance of Service Order, LT shall refund such payment to the Client.
  • Once the Service Order is accepted by LOCUS-T, the Service Order shall not be cancellable unless mutually agreed by both parties, and all fees paid are non-refundable in any circumstance whatsoever. The Client shall be deemed to have issued a purchase order to LOCUS-T for the relevant services upon submission of the Order to LT.
  • Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement, all payments and/or deposits made by Client to LT is non-refundable.
  • All unclaimable Credit(s) shall not be carried forward to the next subsequent year, regardless of the Credit(s) purchase through the Website Maintenance Package or à la carte package.

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