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Top 6 Tips for a Good E-Commerce Website

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If you own an e-commerce website, you must know these tips!

With all of this focus on online shopping, you need to make sure your website stands out from your competition & should be built with the customer in mind. To do that, follow these six tips:


6 Tips for a Good E-Commerce Website

1️⃣Lure your audiences with compelling copywriting 

Showcase your unique selling point to stand out among your competitors using attractive product description copywriting, photos, and videos.

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2️⃣Showcase your competitive pricing

You may not be the cheapest but your pricing shall not be too far away from your competitors.

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3️⃣Excite customers with features like FREE SHIPPING

Feature common expectations that excite clients, for example, free shipping upon RMX amount of spending.

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4️⃣Attract return customers with promotions

Utilize purchase with promotion (e.g. Free gifts upon RMX amount of spending or 10% discount off on next purchase) to attract more return customers.

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5️⃣Make paying easy for customers

Automate payment gateway instead of manual payment for an easy and effective payment process.

6️⃣Reward customers who write reviews

Reward your customers to provide their reviews on the product they have purchased (e.g. Earn points or free gifts).

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Remember, a good e-commerce website is just as important to a company’s success now and in the future. You want to offer the easiest way of buying goods with minimal effort for your shoppers, and that can increase their chances of making that card swipe!  

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